It seems so simple to think positively and keep your head held high no matter how much sludge you are dragging around. It doesn't seem simple to have to deal with, just simple enough to say it and do it. There are so many different wellness ideas and programs floating around these days, and they all have something to them if you open your mind enough and want them to work.

I can actually feel the stress exit my body


-I have recently been trying to be mindful and do yoga. I always thought it was a waste of time and just nonsense, but through the purposeful breaths and stretches, I can actually feel the stress exit my body. I have realized since starting yoga that I could probably do meditation fairly easily too. The New Scientist tells us that meditation "protects against a relapse in major depression," and "might even slow the ageing process."

I never could meditate before, because there was just too much noise in my mind and in order to do meditation correctly, you need to clear your mind. I can proudly say that I can clear my mind and allow the stress to melt away, but only since I decided to be open minded about it.

I was sick of the feelings I had and vowed to do something about them, even if it seemed silly and didn't work - I would try my very hardest. Surprisingly enough, it worked.

2. Sound - The other thing I rely heavily on to keep my mind in a good place no matter what is going on in my life is the sound of trickling water. I close my eyes and see a stream and it is clear water flowing gently over multi colored pebbles and stones and my eyes are shut and my mind is at peace no matter how the day left me feeling. stress that "according to a new study, they physically alter the connections in our brains, reducing our body’s natural fight-or-flight instinct."

3. Scents - Essential Oils are a must-have and they really do work! It's amazing how a smell can influence your mood so much. Your mind is such an amazing part of the body, and it can decide how your life is going to play out.

As far as the essential oils go, favorites of mine include lemon, rose, lemongrass, wild orange, honeysuckle, spearmint, and lavender. I have a lavender/vanilla aromatherapy pillow mist that works wonders. If you don't let the scents in to do what they are intended to do, they simply will not work. But they are worthwhile as Psychology today point out that Cedar smells reduce tension - and so do lavender ones.

4. Touch - Touching anything soft can be so comforting. Look at little kids and how they always seem to carry around a blanket or a stuffed animal and rub it for security. That soft touch is their sense of security. As adults, we know it's inappropriate to carry around blankets or stuffed bears, so we decide that we don't need anything and that we will be fine and just get over ourselves.

We all seem to be able to touch, so just do it from time to time as it is just a matter of putting your mind to it.

5. Diets - You can do any kind of diet you wish and even if you can stick to it and do not cheat, the truth is when it's over you have to have made the decision to keep eating healthy, take care of yourself and exercise. If you go back to your old habits, then you will only end up in the same place you were when you started.

6. - Parenting - Choose the kind of parent you want to be and stick to it. No matter how hard it gets or how much your kid(s) test you if you have resolved not to lose your temper then that needs to be what you stick to. Let Mind Over Matter make you strong even though there may be constant chaos around you.

7. - Being happy - This is the most important one of them all and also the hardest one

We can choose to put our minds above everything else and just be happy.

Life is always throwing us curveballs and things we think we can't handle, plus it never seems to happen only once. There is always stress and chaos, relationship problems, parenting problems, and familial problems. These things will always be around and it really is up to us to choose how or if we let these things affect us. We can make up our minds to be happy, to look at the positives, to be thankful for the abundance of positives we have and pay very little attention to the negatives. It is possible because after all, it is just mind over matter.