There was a time in our history that, when we look back at it, clearly showed us the right ways to live. We can see the right way to patent, to work, to prioritize, even to eat. Of course, that can all be a matter of opinion for the most part. One of the biggest changes that we have made over time had been our diet and the reasoning behind such enormous changes.

We no longer eat to survive or build strength for chores. We eat now because it smells so good and we just have to have it. We eat now because ice cream is our favorite thing in the world.

We eat now because our boyfriends broke up with us and we need to eat our emotions away. All of that being said, it is no wonder America is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. We need a cookbook or at least some recipes that help us better ourselves instead of harm ourselves further.

So, "how should I go about removing myself from that statistic?" you ask.

Here are five simple steps how you either don't become a statistic or remove yourself as one.

1. Throw out all sugary and processed foods.

2. Be mindful of why you are making this change, that way it may stick.

3. Start searching clean eating recipes and find a bunch you really want to try

4. Start cooking and trying each dish until you have developed a palate for what you do and don't like.

5. Practice meditation so that those pesky mood problems never sway you from giving your body only what it needs for energy and fuel.

Can I ever have desserts, then?

Of course! Everything in moderation, my friend. Desserts can even be healthy depending what you choose. Be mindful when snacking, because snacks are often what get people into trouble.

Some of my favorite health conscious snacks include

1. Mixed nuts

2. Kale and berry smoothie

3. fresh fruit

4. avocado and egg breakfast burrito

5. Low-fat frozen yogurt

6. Tea

7. Multigrain toast with a hint of raspberry Jam.

There are so many options to choose from, and it can be hard to resist the stuff that looks, smells, and tastes so darn good.

However, the benefits of clean and healthy eating far outweigh those of their counterpart. I am in the process of putting together a clean eating cookbook so that I can put only what I will like in it, and it will be readily available. I am not a chef, this is only the beginning of my cooking journey, and I am hoping to share it some more and get some feedback.

As far as kids go, I think I'm going to just sneak squash noodles in where spaghetti noodles used to be. The same goes for my husband because they have the same mindset.

Okay, happy cooking everyone!