Fans of the AHS series can't contain their excitement as the new season is unveiled. It comes no longer surprising to anyone that Emma Roberts will return to "American Horror Story: Cult." This is the seventh installment of the TV series. Roberts made her previous appearance in seasons 3 and 4 of the anthology: “Coven” and “Freakshow.”

Because Season 7 has already been announced to move forward into the September premiere, the “American Horror Story: Cult” is definitely going to become the summer sensation for fans to love. Over the past several months, teasers about the seventh installment were released, but new details in the playbook are recently announced for American Horror Story to move forward.

How Season 7 reflects the controversial 2016 election

Everyone is looking forward to the new installment after director-creator Ryan Murphy said that he is going to tie the “American Horror Story Season 7” to the undying controversy of the 2016 election season.

Moreover, several reports about “AHS Season 7” that it does not dwell solely around the 2016 election, but its story opens on the eve of the 2016 election that got Hillary Clinton beaten by the current president and then-underdog, Donald Trump.

Since that is how the new installment got its inspiration, then it no longer comes a surprise that Murphy will find a new girl power after Jessica Lange’s exit on Season 4.

The appearance of Emma Roberts on the seventh installment of the anthology was reported on Entertainment Weekly.

However, details regarding her character (if it is a new role or a returning character from a previous season) are not yet revealed.

Is Emma Roberts going to take a lead role?

The intriguing News of the return of Emma Roberts came along with the picture on Instagram which was posted by Ryan Murphy. It appeared on the picture that Emma Roberts was on the set for the seventh installment of AHS "Cult.” Her second appearance on the show might also lead to a big story arc, which may traverse to “Scream Queens,” the other defunct horror show of Murphy.

And because the Cult season has been announced as the AHS Season 7 which echoes the real-life girls from the 60’s Charles Manson cult, Emma Roberts could take a major role.

The rest of the details about "Cult” are yet to be confirmed, if not fleshed out. The new installment will air on Fox on September 5, 2017. It is going to haunt you as you wait. But it's worth the wait anyway.