If a lot of people find it difficult to burn extra calories that they are taking in, wait until the struggles of four heavy stars in "My 600 -Lb. Life" will unfold in TLC. Chad Dean, Ashley Reyes, Christina Philips and Nikki Webster have gone through a lot on their weight loss program but it is not the end yet, in reality, the fight has just started.

Mind over matter

The weight loss reality show stars may have different life experiences about their body size but somehow they have same difficulties when it comes to maintaining their weights after their gastric bypass surgery.

When asked about it, Chad Dean simply answered it is all in the mind. He used to think that he weighs 700 lbs. but that is not the case now. He is preparing himself mentally by thinking that he is now 295 lbs. He can already fit himself in a small car or in a chair at the doctor's office. Dean used to live his life according to what he wants but he is a changed man now. He is practicing cautiousness in his food intake these days unlike before.

Easier said than done

Just like other people in weight loss programs, Ashley Reyes also had some breakdowns. For Reyes, reducing her 725 lbs. weight is not only a physical roller coaster but also an emotional ride. She seemed done it well but she admitted there are quite a number of times that she felt she wants to give up.

Reyes corrected the misconception of most people that weight loss surgery, which they had in "My 600-Lb. Life," is much easier but actually, it is the hardest. The surgery is just one of the primary tools for losing weight. In everything, the mindset must also be changed.

A new outlook

Cristina Phillips sees a successful weight loss must also start in a whole new lifestyle.

Just like Reyes, Phillips also reached the point that everything she was doing to lose weight was pointless. When the time she is about to give up came, she reminded herself of where she is now. As with her new lifestyle, Phillips is willing to work it out all the way. She got also a new health routine, which includes waking up every 6:30 in the morning to work out and going to the gym 4 times a week.

Breaking the bad habits

For Nikki Webster, she learned in "My 600-Lb. Life," that bad habits should be eliminated in order to lose the unnecessary weight and it must also include consistency. Webster does not blame the food but it is the habit.. She used to have a bad habit of drinking a soda when she is getting in the car. The most difficult part for her is breaking her old routines. Those routines have been instilled in her system. Webster also pointed out that consistency plays a vital role. Once the weight loss program started, the result must be seen until the end.