When things get hard and we can't seem to get our lives back in order no matter how hard we try, we find ourselves in despair, and that is somewhere no one wants to be. If we have run out of ideas to change our thinking and our behavior and get somewhere different, what do we do then? I have very recently been going through this exact phase in life and it has taken far longer than was necessary, but I have figured out the secret to feeling better in a healthy way. Are you ready for this life changing news?

Change your lifestyle

Really, it isn't that hard, I mean for most I would think it would be one of the first things they choose to do because if the way they are living now is causing them pain, they would want to change it, at least that's always been my assumption.

Sometimes, it's not that easy, though.

I suggest you start on Pinterest because they have a million ideas for everything and anything you could possibly think of, so many of which are to help decrease bad moods. This actually surprised me as I always thought Pinterest was mostly for recipes and do it yourselfer's and crafts. I starting finding ways to help decrease anxiety and depression and ways to lift my mood and ways to be happy and a ton of stuff about self-love and being mindful.

It all resonated with me and I started trying it all. I began to feel better within days of starting my Pinterest search. I was creating routines to make sure I took care of myself on each and every level, I was exercising, I was eating a much healthier diet than I could have imagined myself ever eating.

I started doing Yoga between one and three times daily for the benefits of breathing and connecting mind to body.

It brings me into my present body in a way nothing else has seemed to be able to do. I meditate once or twice daily to clear my mind and just be. I think meditating is so good for you because, especially in this day and age, we are always so busy and our minds never get a break.

It's always one thing to the next, never stopping, never smelling a rose. I have become inspired to go to school and make something of myself and to live the kind of life that I can look back on one day and know how insanely happy I was.

I could leave things the way they were, or make a leap of faith

I was terrified, but I made that leap and I am a better and happier person because of it.

Eastern medication does something for your mind and body and soul that western medication cannot. There is absolutely no reason not to try it out and see if it helps you. It won't hurt anything, so just make that leap and decide you are worth more than the way you are feeling now!