Consider yourself lucky if you've found someone who is as supportive as ever when you make decisions in life. Someone who is loving and thoughtful is a great catch. Having a reliable person by your side isn't such a bad thing either. Of course, if they wholeheartedly accept you, that's another plus.

Equality is one of the keys to a healthy relationship

Authority shouldn't be questioned because it should be equal in the first place. However, if there's a presence of dominance and it exceeds equality and personal choice, it does not bode well for a healthy Relationship.

The relationship is now considered a one-sided dynamic rather than a partnership.

PopSugar said in one of their articles that if your other half asks you to do some things and change your ways then it may be time to think things over.

Take a good look at these behaviors

1. They want to change you, your personality, and even your past.

How many times has your Partner asked you to change your outfit? That's your personal style and reflects who really are. Aside from that, does he or she get into big decisions involving your faith? It's things like these that can lead to fuel for future fights.

It is unacceptable if your partner wants to alter things as big as these issues. These are essential because they're a part of you.

Actual improvements are a separate matter and there is always room for improvement, but making you change completely just to satisfy them is not acceptable.

2. Time restrictions with family and friends.

Well-rounded individuals have lives of their own and they don't let their lives revolve around one person. Relationships should be managed well.

You have to keep the balance between your partner and other people like friends and family. When he or she starts asking you to spend more time or less time with other people, this can be a sign of negative feelings like control, insecurity, or jealousy.

3. Do things you don't want to do.

Having a partner doesn't mean you have to be obligated to do things for them.

It's not your responsibility to please or satisfy them in all aspects. They also do not have the right to place you in a situation that you do not approve of or scenarios that leave you no choice.

4. Privacy.

If you haven't given them any reason to question the trust in your relationship, then your partner shouldn't be asking you to see your phone, Facebook, and email messages. This is something that shouldn't be done at all because it gives the feeling that you're being monitored and your partner doesn't trust you enough.

5. Sacrifice things for them.

Compromise is required in all relationships but a total sacrifice is a different thing. If your partner asks you to give up something and it's bound to take away your happiness or identity, it shouldn't be negotiated in the first place.