Stress has become an integratal part of our lives. Sometimes, we are so acclimated to the stress that it is a shock to our system to feel a sense of peace and relaxation.

When we are stressed, we often feel tired and depressed, we shy away from social engagements, making excuses for none participation or attendance. This, in time, will decrease the amount of interaction we have with our loved ones and Friends. This can actually increase our levels of stress rather than make us feel better. We often feel if we can rest enough, we will not be as stressed as we are.

Granted, sufficient night’s sleep is essential to managing stress but isolating yourself socially will actually do more harm than good. Here are some positives social interaction can have on our levels of stress

Decreased levels of stress

We often take our relationships for granted, whether it's family members, partners or friends, but they play an integral role in cushioning the stress we encounter on a daily basis. The more Social Support we have will decrease the levels of stress we suffer.

Oxytocin production

With plenty of social support, our hormone levels balance themselves. Oxytocin production is increased, which will lessen the levels of stress, anxiety, and frustration we may feel. It basically has a calming effect on our bodies.

So when you have social support in your life, your stress levels decrease, which causes you to be more social, which again decreases the levels of stress

Social skills

Because we have isolated ourselves from other in an attempt to shield ourselves from more stress, we are negatively impacting on our abilities to function within the social group, for example, at work.

In a social setting with healthy relationships, you develop skills such as assertiveness where you are able to identify where you require assistance and in what manner. This will provide you will the assistance you require in decreasing the levels of stress you may be under.

Emotional support

When you have a strong social network, you can call upon your family and friends for advice, for counsel, or simply a listening ear.

By not segregating yourself and trying to deal with everything on your own, you are decreasing your levels of stress because you know you are not alone and there are people who are available should you need a shoulder to cry on.

Control of aggression

When you are within a social group and you are frustrated or stressed out, you can become short on temper, easily irritated, verbally aggressive and so on. When you have a network to rely on, these extreme moods can be avoided because there are those around to offer a listening ear, a silly joke, another perspective. The point is you are not bottling up your emotions that can lead to the inevitable explosion. As you encounter a situation that is causing you stress and you let it out in casual conversation, you are dealing with it and managing your emotions

Avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices

When you have a healthy social support network, you are able to avoid unhealthy habits for example, excessive drinking, reckless spending of money, gambling and more.

People who are stressed out and wish for an escape can indulge in unhealthy practices simply to escape their lives for a few hours. A social network can be a warning system for such behaviors.

Stress is inevitable. We encounter stress when we cannot choose what to wear for work to when we lost the presentation for the big meeting today. We can be stressed when our child throws a tantrum or our partner does not fix dinner. Stress comes in many different forms but having a healthy social network can assist us in releasing some of this pent up stress and help us to live a happier life. So instead of staying home, attend the family gathering, take in a movie with friends, play with your kids, do something that will get you interacting with others. In the end, it will help us decrease our stress levels and provide the support we need.