Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, your world got turned upside-down. You just don't want to live anymore and that really sucks. I know that it's one of those moments that you simply want to give up everything: your responsibilities, your job, your commitments. It feels like these things just slow you down and you cannot find a clearer perspective.

Moreover, it doesn't help when you got that sense of being a failure. You start questioning your worth and your value as a person. What are the things that you've done that will make your family proud?

Is it enough? Are you enough?

It especially gets harder if you've experienced a crisis like the loss of a job or a loved one. It gets difficult to even deal with yourself and your actual problems. You lose your sense of direction and your goals go down the drain.

PopSugar talks about the Reasons why you need to keep living and the important points that you need to ponder on. It looks like it's the end of the world for you but guess what: it isn't and that's the beauty of life. You always get reminded that you still have lots of reasons to continue living no matter how much it sucks out there.

You've got people telling you you're awesome

It's not just about your career. We put too much emphasis on achieving something in our jobs that we forget our true value as a person.

What we achieve in life does not define our character. We are unique individuals who long for love and relationships. Our family and friends are the only people we actually listen to because they're real. If they say you're doing great, you're doing great. No questions asked.

It's hell right now but things will definitely get better

It's as if you're stuck in a void that you can never get out of. It's not going to be like that forever. It will end somehow because these situations are just temporary. If it's been a long and hard day for you, tomorrow's surely going to be a lot different than today.

Prove that you are stronger

You have to start believing that you're bigger than all of these challenges combined. It's your strength as a person that's going to determine your path in the future. Trust the fact that it will be alright.

Find meaning in the little things

Start appreciating even just the simple actions of a friend, the small sacrifices of your significant other, and the affectionate teasing you get from your parents. These are the little things that we often take for granted but if we look closely, these made us the happiest.

You're not human if you haven't experienced failure in all aspects of life. It is okay to fail. It just gives you an opportunity to try again so just keep Trusting yourself.