Not a lot of people know that introverts can be sociable people, too. They're mostly mistaken to be "hermits," the ones who do not like to interact with others. This is a misconception, as introverts are just very selective with people. They choose their friends wisely, as they like to socialize only with those whom they've established a strong connection.

It goes beyond understanding: introverts can also be too accommodating. Their sense of duty coupled with the fact that they like to act as mediators when there are major problems usually result to exhaustion.

They care too much about family, friends, strangers, and the world. They have a clear purpose of why they're doing things: they want to help others.

I'm not saying that this is totally bad, but there are disadvantages. It can be quite exhausting for them. There may be times that they wouldn't even answer your messages or go to that weekend party. Well, when that happens, don't worry too much about your introvert friend. He or she is probably spending some time alone, trying to recharge and get back on track.

What are the things that help introverts recharge? PopSugar talks about their activities and we're just going to emphasize some of them.

Find something good to do

Introverts find it relaxing to do something productive and useful.

You may see them playing a new song on their guitar or sketching flowers from the garden. These hobbies help them enjoy their "Me-Time."


Who doesn't like to shop? It's a feel-good activity and a great distraction when they've had enough of socializing. Introverts also love to shop. It's not just done out of whim though; they'll shop for stuff they actually need.

A random meet up with friends

Based on experience, planned gatherings are likely to get postponed for various reasons. An unplanned meeting says it all: it's spontaneous and there's a good chance that it's actually going to happen. For introverts, this is kind of refreshing because it feels like a break from the usual routine.

If there's still a hint of exhaustion, avoid people

It is tiring to be the one to take care of other people's problems and come up with solutions as well. If resting for a few days didn't work, try to be alone for a little while. Unplug from social media, turn off your phone, and shut yourself in for a couple of days. This is a much-needed break.

Bullet journals

Bullet journals don't have to be boring - bring a little color and creativity. If you're going to do this, make sure you write down your achievements for the day and your positive notes. I think this can have a better impact on your overall well-being.