Do you remember that college sweetheart you went crazy for? Well, your memory might be fading but you know who remembers these things the most? It's your best Friend. Count on her to remind you about your bitter-sweet, embarrassing, and damnable memories.

Why? That's because she's always there. She's probably witnessed countless moments in your life and she knows your every little secret. Thank the heavens we still have people like them to lean on.

We all know there's a big difference when your favorite friend shows up on your doorstep every time you feel down or lonely.

You feel all excited and happy. We get it: best friends are our saviors and partners-in-crime. Let's face the fact that life would be so dull without these people.

PopSugar even suggests an entire list of activities that you can do with your best friend. If you want to do fun things together, Plan your next escapade with your BFF.

Road trip: just the two of you

Your BFF is like your other half but minus the romantic nature of the relationship which makes it even better. This is someone whom you can practically trust and it's amazing how things turn out to be really fun when your best friend is around. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and move on to the next destination. Discover different places together with your best friend and learn about other people's culture.

Binge-watch shows until morning

It just so happened that you and your BFF had the same rest days and you're just the luckiest girls in the world. Watch some chick-flick stuff on your TV or pick something exciting if you're up for some action or adventure.

Get BFF tattoos

This is one major step in your BFF relationship. You have to think about it long and hard before you finally decide.

Remember ladies, this is permanent and there's no turning back. It's best to talk to each other about the designs that you want. You could choose something as detailed as a flower or simple like a quote from your favorite book.

Travel abroad

If you have enough time, go for it ladies! Spending time out of the country counts as a whole new experience for the two of you.

Visiting another place just means that it's going to be full of surprises! Immerse in their culture, eat their delicacies, and take a whole lot of pictures!

Cook your favorite recipes together

Teach each other how to make your recipes. Also, you don't want a disaster to strike in your kitchen right? If one of you knows how to cook, raise your hand and take the lead. You can definitely begin your cooking sessions together with basic recipes for pasta and casseroles!

Shop, shop, and shop

As if we'd need any other reason to spend time with our best friend. Make yourself feel better after a long or hard day at work. Buy something pretty! If you're thinking of buying something good for yourself, ask your BFF about their opinion.

They're brutally honest and that's what's great about them.

Dye each other's hair

Go bold with rose gold hues and mermaid hair. You and your BFF can rock those hair colors. Looking good isn't easy but with practice, you can certainly get the hair color you both desire!