As we all know, cooking is an art, and now it's one of the most popular trends in the world. The whole world has turned gastro-sexual. Most lifestyle channels are showing exotic food with unusual ingredients, and the chefs are the new showstoppers. People nowadays invite celebrity chefs in their kitchens to Cook for them, but one thing that we ignore is the Thoughts that are running inside that chef's mind are the ones that are going to enter into the eater's mind!

Believe it or not!

Here is what Indian Mythology says

Indian Mythology has always sworn by this phrase of "your thoughts will be decided by the food you eat."

Another reason why the cooks in the older times received the utmost importance and respect was so that they could remain peaceful and happy.

If they stay positive, then the members of the royal family will continue to be positive too.

A Real Story Proves this

It's a story told by a prisoner. He was new in jail. He remained there for about 15 days, and on the 16th day, he had a weird dream. In his dream, in his own words, "I was torturing my mother, I was abusing her and I ultimately killed her with a knife.

"I got up immediately and prayed for my mother as I love my mother to the core. I was worried about her well being. The next day I asked the jail personnel to please get me some information about my mother if he can, but he refused!"

The next night I slept, again, the same dream. I was so upset that I started roaming in my cell.

The guard on duty asked me, "What's wrong?"

I told him the dream I had, last night and tonight as well. He was aghast! He stared at me and asked, "Are you sure?"

I said, "Ya, why you are so surprised?"

He said, "There is a new prisoner. He did the same thing to his mother and eventually killed her with a sharp knife."

Me: "How can I be related to him?"

Jail Personnel: "You are eating the food made by him!


I got another proof of this when that dream stopped one day, and I enquired about that prisoner. I came to learn that his duty had been changed.

Moral of the Story!

You should keep your thoughts positive while cooking and also should check who is making your food, if and when possible.

Remember you are distributing what you are feeling, remembering and most importantly thinking primarily by the food you are making every day.

The stories like this are numerous, and all of them put a stamp on the previously determined Indian Belief!

What do you think? Ever had such experience?