Fan tributes are often in the form of art submissions, episode recreations, song covers, multi-instrumental Renditions, speed painting videos and tutorials, 8 bit renders of parts of the show, cosplays, fan fiction, and so on. Though a lot of these categories are often crafted in a way to please the audience and grab their attention, there are some who go out of the usual path to stir things up and make them not so common and ordinary. This is precisely what makes them stand out amidst the rest. We are going to talk about one such artist and his work in this article.

Who is in the spotlight?

We have a 23-year-old genius by the name Will Hughes from the United Kingdom who has particularly caught our attention. Hughes is an artist, illustrator, and an animator too. His take on the reimagination and three-dimensional recreation of some of the characters of "Rick and Morty" is sure to give you goosebumps and creeps to some too. They’re so cringe-worthy in a good way.


Starting the list off with none other than "Mister Meseeks". Notice what we mentioned about the three-dimensional realism of the artwork? Look at it. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous.


Here’s a regular old Plumbus to put things into perspective as to how creative Hughes actually is.

This is undoubtedly what a Plumbus would look like in real life.


"Scary Terry" is one of the most grotesque looking renditions on the list. The incredible attention to detail speaks volumes of the artistic reach of Hughes.


Here is one of the 5th-dimensional testicle monster. This easily comes closest to the one in the animated television show as far as we are concerned. Eerily spectacular!


Behold "King Jellybean"! This rendition too comes closest in resemblance to the two-dimensional counterpart. We wouldn’t want to run into him for sure.


Who could forget the darling "Mister Poopybutthole". It even looks like he’s waving. The eyes have us mesmerized. Tad bit disturbing too.


Here is "Ants in My Eyes Johnson" at Ants in My Eyes Johnson's Electronics! I mean, there are so many ants in his eyes, but none in ours to see how much of a genius Will Hughes is.


Taking photo realism to a whole new dimension, here’s Earth or C-137 being invaded by the "Cromulons". Will Hughes has definitely shown us what he’s got with this one.


What’s the list of renditions without beloved "Morty Smith"? Incomplete, that’s what. The external character traits have been brilliantly captured and preserved, making each rendition more and more convincing.


Rick flipping Sanchez.

Looks more like a psycho Albert Einstein with prolonged insomnia and a serious drinking problem. Which is who Rick is, at least to the most of it. And we love what Hughes has done.