Wubbalubbadubdub! The "Rick and Morty" fandom has been in high spirits ever since the official announcement of the premiere date of the further episodes of its third installment. July 30th is the day we are all eagerly waiting for, and it is in the cards that things are only bound to get better from here on. Less than a month to go, and we’re just as pumped as you are.

The previous two seasons have been an absolute delight and the fandom has been finding solace in those incredible episodes as they waited for the release date and announcements on further episodes, and they have proven to be uber helpful.

Each episode handcrafted to perfection is a fine amalgamation of universes such as the ones of Back to the Future, Doctor Who, and books of Douglas Adams, packed into one fine dramedy.

Season 1 deleted scene

There is a lot of material written during the early developmental stages of any television show, most of which are then pieced together with revised and fresher ideas into what is later fully formed into an episode. Some of this material is either kept around to add into future episodes or in case there is a flashback or journey to the past episode of sorts. "Rick and Morty" has a bucketload of these unused ideas which could very well amount to a whole season of unrelated awesomeness.

We bring to you one such unused excerpt from what could have been a part of one of the episodes of season one.

Published on the Adult Swim and Official Rick and Morty Facebook pages, this little clip titled “Dinosaur World” is a true testimony to the generic nature of the show.

It has oodles of the usual grandpa-grandson shenanigans, and how they, although panicky and uncertain (due to an overly inebriated Rick Sanchez), laugh at the face of danger with minimum to no concern at all.

It is sure to bring back fond memories of when we began watching the show and why we got hooked on to it.

What makes the show tick

The first season, however, is the undoubtedly slick, smart, sensational and largely overwhelming brainchild of Rick and Morty co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

It was this season that cut right through the pre-established standards of modern animated television shows and set a benchmark far ahead of almost everything pre-existent.

In a world where popularly acclaimed animated television shows have been qualitatively watered down through time and still manage to sell because of their brand value, "Rick and Morty" has proven to be a relief to those who dig an animated television show with flawlessly constructed storylines and a graceful dollop of adult humor while keeping things moving back and forth over a spectrum of weirdness and that of pure genius.