The "Rick and Morty" universe has given its fandom an awful lot of characters to endear. Aside, the very obvious Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, there are Squanchy, Ice-T, Krombopulos Michael, Mister Poopy Butthole, and Birdperson to name just a fraction of the favorites. However, there is one character that has grown to rise above in ranks to such heights that he has a whole range of clothing, accessories, toys and plushies modeled after him.

Wondering who this might be? It’s none other than our handy blue friend indeed, Mister Meeseeks.

About Mister Meeseeks

Mister Meeseeks is a kind and helpful character voiced by co-creator Justin Roiland who first appears in the fifth episode of the first season titled “Meeseeks and Destroy.” (Metallica fans will grin wide at this juicy reference)

Meeseeks are tall, blue creatures with bulbous heads whose lifespans are dependent on the tasks they are assigned. These creatures are known to inhabit planets across the universe and are summoned to fulfill a singular purpose assigned to them.

They originate from the Mister Meeseeks Box, and their motivation to help originates from the core idea that existence is a pain. They will, hence, go to any length just to serve their purpose and vanish. Their popular catchphrase is, “I’m Mister Meeseeks look at me!”.

Where did the idea for this character come from?

The idea behind the creation of this sweetheart of a character is explained in one of the videos titled “Origin of Mister Meeseeks,” featuring co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

Roiland goes on to make a very short impression of Mister Meeseeks and begins to explain how it all came about.

He says that he thinks he needs to thank his friend Myke Chilian who had a cat named Skeeseeks.

Roiland says that when he was in the writer's room working on the story for an episode of Rick and Morty and he wasn’t having a lot of fun that moment. He started rolling around on the floor saying that the story needs more fun. Harmon then mentions that he and Ryan Ridley were looking at Roiland in amusement and asked him if they could just do the show when Roiland spontaneously says I’m Mister Meeseeks.

It came to him by tapping into hearing the name of Chilian’s cat years ago, and its peculiarity must have stuck in his head.

Knowing the origin of Mister Meeseeks, one can only wonder how the names, let alone the personalities of all the other characters on Rick and Morty came about. We can rest assured that they’ll all have hilarious and wacky origin stories like this one.

Watch the video below: