The air date for the third season of Adult Swim's psyche and sublime enlivened animated television show, "Rick and Morty" is finally here. July 30 is the date we have all been eagerly anticipating for what seems like the longest time in our lives.

As the fandom painfully anticipated the abundantly built up landing of the new season, the show had assembled a significant religion of a following, and its makers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland alongside Adult Swim extinguished the thirst of the fans with a consistent supply of show related substance. These folks took it up a score by dropping something so incredible bespoke, it wound up blowing their minds and surpassed expectations, leaving the fandom in amazement.

What’s on the menu today?

As fairly usual, we bring it upon ourselves to keep the fandom engaged and thriving with new information and updates on the who’s and what’s in the "Rick and Morty" multiverse. We have something a little more entertaining up our sleeves this time around.

With regard to one of our recent posts on our largely acclaimed Facebook page dedicated to "Rick and Morty", we had made a post asking the audience about “'Rick and Morty' Quotes you shouldn’t say during sex”. The response to this was not only massive but also incredibly entertaining. We’ve taken the time to short-list some of what we consider as the best replies with regard to the post. And here we go!

17. 'Yeah, TINY RICK!'

Brutally honest. But who says it wouldn’t work?

16. 'It’s been a challenging mating season for Bird Person.'

This would pass for one of the most iconic things to say during sex, albeit absolutely side-tracking. Bird Person’s got the serious game, though.

15. 'I did it all for the Szechuan sauce'

Seems like a mighty fine reward after a steamed up session. We’d love some.

14. 'I’m going to need you to shove it way up inside your butthole'


Kinky. Definite winner. Wham-bam-Thank you Ma’am!

13. 'It is important that the Fleeb is rubbed.'

Codewords never got this profound and meaningful. Full points for Plumbus references.

12. 'Lick, lick, lick my balls!'

Or you could be open and vocal about your needs. Confidence goes the extra mile. We can guarantee.

11. 'You smell that? That’s the smell of adventure.'

Efficient marketing in bed hasn’t seen better days. The sales pitch is strong with this one.

10. 'My Man!'

This one has got to be the most out of context and awkward thing to say during sex, considering you say it just like the Postman did on the show. You can be sure to get glitched out of bed in no time unless your partner has an exceptionally good sense of humor and watches Rick and Morty.

9. 'Hungry for Apples?'

This one is one of the most popular responses amidst the fans. Although we do think that this isn’t too off the charts or bizarre, it is definitely out of context and hilarious. Thank you, Jerry.

8. 'I’m Mister Booby Buyer and I’ll buy those boobs for 25 Schmeckles.'

This particular one cracked us up plenty. Again, this one could work if your partner is into "Rick and Morty" too. After all, a couple that watches "Rick and Morty" together, stays together.

7. 'You've got your whole life ahead of you, and your anal cavity is still taut, yet malleable.'

Classic Rick Sanchez. This one could turn out either way, but we think it sways the creeper way the most. Could work wonders if your partner has got the right amount of kink and perv.

Being hopeful isn’t harmful, sometimes.

6. 'I squanch my family.'

We have got just one word for this one. Awkward. Just imagine uttering this amidst your squanchery. Un-squanching-believable.

5. 'It's perfect...

"It's perfect. The configuration of veins, the ratio of thickness to elasticity, the delicate asymmetry of what you call your balls—and with relatively few adjustments, your genitals can be molded into a functioning heart for the most important man in the universe."

What on earth even?

4. 'You're a piece of s**t and I can prove it mathematically, in fact, let me get my whiteboard. This has been a long time coming.'

You’re in for a horrible time if you even remotely happen to utter these words.

3. 'By the way, I don't have discolored butth*le flaps.'

Welcome to cringe-galore, we hope you enjoy your stay here. Or not. We are certain you will, though.

2. 'Where are my testicles, Summer?'

Oh Snowball, you poor lad! The question you’ll probably get is, “Wait, who is Summer?”

1. 'We've got adventures to go on!'

"We've got adventures to go on! You and me; sometimes your sister sometimes your mom but never your dad."

This one wins the cake. Hands down.