Wubbalubaddubdub, good fans of "Rick and Morty"! Things must be going really smooth considering the fact that there's less than a month to go for the new episode of season 3. We're fairly sure everyone knows when “Rickmancing the Stone” is coming out, but for those of you who do not know, it's the 30th of July. The wait will finally be over and we couldn't be gladder.

The fans showing us what they got

"Rick and Morty" has grown to such a monumental level both on and off screen. In fact, the hiatus has only added more fuel to the already massive and self-sustained inferno that is our beloved animated television show.

The show has claimed fans of all ages, shapes, and sizes, charming them with its deliciously clever recipe of drama that packs within itself some seriously well-quoted references, tickling humor, solid feels and a good slice of life.

The show, despite being relatively young has, in many ways, been a subtle and friendly escape from the daily woes of reality and fans have felt nothing short of being loved by it as much as they love the show. In artistic reciprocation of their love, fans have made renditions of the show in the form of fan art, graffiti, murals, and even Tattoos.

We've taken the time to feature some of the best tattoos the fandom proudly wears to display their love for "Rick and Morty".

Some of these tattoos are iconic moments of some of the best episodes of the show, some others are the best lines and verses off of it, and all of them are incredibly SCHWIFTY!

Initiate countdown sequence


We figured we should start you off with this minimalistic badass of a tattoo.

We don’t suppose anything yells "Rick and Morty" louder than this tattoo right here.


More minimalism. Simple yet good. Pretty sweet!


There’s just something about monochromatic tattoo’s that stands out.

It’s probably just the black. Anyway, HERE’S TINY RIIIIIIICK! YEAH, BABY!


This right here might easily be the most psychedelic and tripped out ink we have on the List. Just look at it. Gorgeous, isn’t it?


Or, is it this one? I don’t suppose any one of us have seen Rick Sanchez been this calm, EVER.


Get a load of this one, ladies and gents. Morty rocking that AC/DC tee.


Heck, it has definitely got to be this one.

This is perfect! Fear and loathing in Las Vegas meet "Rick and Morty". Couldn’t possibly get any more psychedelic than this. Trust us.


Moving over to more important messages in tattoos. This one right here is super neat, except, they seem to have gotten Morty’s tee shirt color wrong. Oh, well.


This undoubtedly stands out as one of our personal favorites. I’m sure a lot of you would have seen this image do rounds on the internet. We love it for how real it is. Money well spent.


These right here are some of our most favorites.

True artistic badassery. The concepts are simply genius.


The most adorable tattoo on the list featuring our buddy boy pal, Butter Robot.


Someone HAD to get a regular old Plumbus tattooed. Would have been a comic disaster for people who wouldn’t have known what a Plumbus is. Actually, Screw Normies. "Rick and Morty" is LIFE!


And to prove our point, here’s another graceful tattoo of a Plumbus.



For sure. No questions asked. None at all.


Tragic is one of the many words we’d like to use to describe this tattoo.We all miss Mister Poopybutthole.


Snuffles aKa Snowball. Minus his genitals, of course. Love the detailing on this one.


We couldn’t agree more, Mister Meseeks.


We had to include this one for classic feels and incredible detailing. The colors on this one are insanely accurate.


Alcohol. Rick’s first love. The person who proudly wears this tattoo seems like he has his priorities straight.


A moment of silence for our beloved Krombopulos Michael


We are going to wrap it up with this out of this planet motherload of a tattoo, featuring a lot of iconic characters from the show.