The O.J. Simpson murder trial back in 1995 was one of the most watched courtroom hearings in television history. This is where former NFL star O.J. Simpson was tried and acquitted after being accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994.

However, Simpson was still sent to prison nine years ago on a different case - for being involved in an armed robbery in 2007. Simpson is reportedly scheduled for a parole hearing on Thursday, July 20.

Do you ever wonder where the people are that played crucial roles during the trial?

Here is some information according to a report by USA Today.

Kato Kaelin gets to shine once again

As Simpson’s parole hearing draws near, the media might want to schedule interviews again with Kaelin.

Kaelin was a houseguest at Simpson’s home during the Brown-Goldman murders and made him an instant celebrity. After living for free at Simpson’s house, Kaelin now owns a home in Burbank.

Kaelin is still taking advantage of his celebrity status by working for Wizard World Comic Con as a traveling emcee and also hosts a weekly sports talk show.

Mark Furman will play a role in the parole hearing

Furman is a former Los Angeles police detective who testified against Simpson during the murder trial. However, his testimonies raised suspicion of racism within his department that consequently damaged his reputation.

The former detective criticized the FX’s mini-series “The People V. O.J. Simpson” for not taking any sources from the prosecution itself.

Furman now works for Fox News as a forensic and crime scene expert. Moreover, he will also serve as an analyst for Fox’s coverage of the parole hearing on Thursday.

Marcia Clark is now a published author

Clark, the lead prosecutor in the trial, was also able to take advantage of her fame by writing a book titled, “Without a Doubt.” The book reportedly earned Clark a cool four million dollars that encouraged her to write several more novels. Also, Clark has also written a script for a pilot TV show.

She continues to write books, and her next crime fiction novel is scheduled to hit store shelves in August.

By the way, she now wears a straightened hair as opposed to the curly ones she sported during the trial which made her more famous in the first place.

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