O.J Simpson is a former NBA star who is famous for the murder trial of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. While O.J was not found guilty of the murder of his wife the case was broadcast widely across the media. Simpson was later arrested in 2007 on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery. In total, O.J racked up 33 years in prison and has been appealing for parole ever since. O.J has another parole hearing coming up next month in July.

Kris Jenner is terrified Simpson will spill her family's secrets

According to Radar Online, Kris Jenner is extremely nervous about her ex-friend's upcoming parole hearing.

Jenner's late husband Robert Kardashian defended O.J in the murder trial of O.J's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Jenner used to be friendly with O.J Simpson even after his arrest, however, over the past years Jenner realized that Simpson knows too much about her family. As such, she cut ties with the old family friend.

With O.J's upcoming parole hearing Kris is terrified that if he gets out he will spill the dirt on the Kardashians. Jenner fears that their public images will be destroyed and as such is terrified at how this will affect the family. An insider has revealed that Simpson has the power to completely destroy the Kardashian family and their careers. Kris also fears what the headlines would say if she was seen being too friendly to the former NBA star.

O.J Simpson could very well be released from prison

O.J Simpson was arrested in 2007 and was sentenced to over 30 years in prison. The former NBA star has been appealing for parole ever since. He now has another parole hearing coming this July and according to BR, there is a good chance that Simpson could get his freedom. The date for his hearing is July 20 and there have not yet been any reasons proposed as to why his hearing should not go ahead.

The former chairman of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioner has stated that the board should put an end to the back and forth nature of addressing the topic of O.J's parole. He wants that the board to make one of two decisions; either grant parole or decide that O.J should serve out the rest of his time in prison. In a statement by Blankstein and Silva's, it was confirmed that if O.J Simpson is granted parole he could be walking free in October of 2017.

If O.J Simpson is granted parole the decision will certainly be a controversial one. While he was not charged with the murder of his ex-wife there is evidence that suggests his involvement. Following this, his charges in 2007 could be viewed as his potential capacity to be a danger to society.