Disgraced NFL player, O.J. Simpson a/k/a inmate #1027820, could be a free man before the year is out. Even though Simpson was originally sentenced to serve 33 years in prison, Sports Illustrated is reporting he could walk out the doors of Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center this fall. Thanks to a points system used by the prison, the 69-year-old accused murderer could be released for good behavior.

In 2008, Simpson was convicted of 12 counts, which included kidnapping, burglary, assault and robbery with a deadly weapon after he and his accomplices were charged with robbing two memorabilia collectors of items he claimed belonged to him in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Many people believe the prison sentence is at least some form of retribution for Simpson having gotten away with the murders of estranged wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994.

Sometimes freedom is not found outside prison walls

O.J. Simpson will need to win over at least four of the seven commissioners at his parole hearing. In order for inmates at the prison to be considered for parole, they must have between zero and two points out of 11 factors. Of the 11, Simpson has seven with zero points. The rest are either one or two points. One criminal defense attorney told the Sunday Express that Simpson was the kind of person who gets paroled and apparently has not caused any problems while incarcerated.

Life after prison for the Juice will not be a life of poverty

The former Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers player was acquitted of the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson in 1996. However, he was later found liable for their deaths in a civil suit and instructed to pay close to $33.5 million to the surviving family members.

To this date, he has not paid it and creditors cannot go after his pension. If he is released from prison and returns to his home in Florida, laws in that state protects him financially. Reportedly, O.J. Simpson receives a hefty NFL pension of $25,000 monthly, totaling $300,000 annually.