The smartphone industry is a very competitive business with countless mobile manufacturers competing to be the best. Some companies even go the extra mile of adding gimmicky features to their devices in order to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

A good example of this is HTC U11’s Edge Sense technology, where the device itself can be squeezed to perform specific tasks.

There were a lot of gimmicky features offered in the past, some have stuck around while some have faded into obscurity. With that said, here are some features that need to make a comeback.

A smartphone with a built-in projector

This feature was first introduced with the Samsung Galaxy Beam at the Mobile World Congress in 2012. Samsung was able to show off its device that features a projector with a resolution of 640 x 360. The projector was capable of displaying images of up to 50 inches.

However, the device wasn’t perfect. The display was too dark even at the highest level of brightness and the phone itself can get way too hot when used for long periods of time.

With the right tweaks and a few modifications, this technology could have been a success. Having a smartphone with a projector can be quite useful if it didn’t have those caveats that were mentioned.

A self-healing smartphone

A gimmicky feature was introduced with the LG G Flex back in 2013. The smartphone was capable of healing itself of minor scratches and it actually worked. This feature also made its way to the LG G Flex 2.

Sadly, LG didn’t include the self-healing feature on any of its newer devices. People try so hard not to scratch their devices that they even put their phones into all sorts of protective cases, which is why a self-healing smartphone would be a great feature to have.

A smartphone with dual display

Only YotaPhone devices have this feature that has two displays – one on the front and one at the back called an E-Link display.

This extra display is ideal for those people who love to read e-books as the E-Link display sort of has a Kindle feel to it. We all know that reading e-books on a smartphone for long periods of time can’t be good on the eyes and E-Link display fixes that problem.

Fortunately, Yota is reportedly preparing its next phone - the Yotaphone 3, so we might actually see this feature make a comeback, according to Android Authority.

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