In spite of the fact that the debut of the fresh new third season isn't too far away, every day of hold up appears like an unfathomable length of time nowadays. That is the manner by which gravely we are anticipating the frenzy that is in store for us in "Rickmancing the Stone" on the 30th of July.

Success and its various fruits

Ever since the iconic debut of the show, it has grown dear to its fans and still continues to do so. This indisputable fact was witnessed at Comic Conventions in the previous years and the fans have done a rather stunning job at cosplaying the various characters and objects related to the show.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate a list of some of the best cosplays for you. Some of these could even double up as Halloween costumes so keep a keen eye.

Bring forth the cosplayers


Starting off with what is the cleverest cosplay idea on our list. The Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce. Somebody get a hold of it before it runs away.


This one right here probably doesn’t fully qualify as a legit cosplay per se, but Snowball makes it into the list anyway.


It’s always the sweetest sight when cosplayers from the same show walk around as a squad during Comic Con.

Here are Ants in my Eyes Johnson and Arthricia.


Here’s a neat cosplay of Principal Vagina and a Goth kid. Love the potato head on our funky principal.


Here’s Evil Morty being super protective about the sex doll Grandpa Rick bought him.

Sweet cosplay idea, kid!


And here’s regular old Morty Smith unable to resist Jessica, as usual. Poor Morty.


Here are a bunch of Meeseeks doing what they do best!

They’re Mister Meeseeks, Look at them! Love the fact that one of the Meeseeks is actually cosplaying as the Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce. Cosplayception.


And we have Mister Poopybutthole. Flawless cosplay skills. This one is a real winner if you ask us.


Here’s another winner, B@#$%! Scary Terry in the house!


And here’s Scary Terry chilling with Eyehole Samantha and her lover at Chicago Comic Con. Squad number two. So much fun!


Abradolf Lincler cosplay on-point.

Such skill, much wow! HEIL!


Squad number three is probably the most diverse collection of cosplayers related to the show. We have the Eyehole-man, Sleepy Gary, and the Plumbus! What a combo! The Plumbus cosplay is super creative.


And squad number four. A family that cosplays together, sticks together! Here’s the whole Smith-Sanchez family looking slick in their cosplay! And, of course, the parasite butler Mr. Beauregard. Must admit, he easily takes the cosplay cake.


Gender-bender Rick Sanchez, anyone?

We sure are digging these cosplays.


At last, here we see Rick Sanchez chilling with his best friend, Birdperson. Squad goals for life.


Somebody save us from this Unity cosplayer because we cannot take our eyes off of how incredibly accurate this is. Full points to you, whoever you are. We’re going to go grab a drink in the meantime and leave you with this last iconic cosplay to end our list.