Lads and lasses of the Rick and Morty fandom. Ever since the dawn of episode 5 of the second season of the series on August 23rd 2015, a catchphrase has come to existence through the show that is so incredibly catchy, that it didn’t take long for it to become a viral sensation.

The episode is titled “Get Schwifty” which revolves around Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith attempting to save the world from the Cromulons, who have unfortunately made earth a part of a musical reality television show. Failing to show the Cromulons “what we got” will result in the elimination of the planet using a high powered laser beam.

All of this, while the rest of the family is on an adventure of their own when the whole town misunderstands the Cromulons as Gods, which leads to the birth of a whole new religion. Quite a roller coaster, this one.

Rick and Morty come up with an on the spot beat that is so sick, it saves the planet's annihilation. Get Schwifty has since then been on every fanatics lips and minds. It’s even become a widespread part of their vocabulary.

Show me what you got!

Rick and Morty fans across the globe were thrilled when the EDM Remix of their favorite beat finally dropped. Andromulus, a music producer from Washington DC has put together a remix of “Get Schwifty” and it is a 100/100 banger.

Check it out for yourself, show the dude some love, and get RIGGITY RIGGITY WRECKED, PEOPLE!

A little bit about this dapper remix

Transforming the number with punchy yet relaxing synthesizer chords, dialogue excerpts from the show, and a fresh trap beat underlay, the remix is a win. The catchphrase “Get Schwifty” is undoubtedly the star of the track, and the remix flavors it with a seasoning of trendy and energetic EDM beats while keeping the true essence of it alive.

A well-balanced work of a genius turning this rather comedic foot-tapping rage into a certified party monster. Definitely not every producer’s cup of tea, but Andromulus owned it like a champ.

The remix, since its release on Andromulus’s Soundcloud has gone on to receive over 1 million plays, 27k favorites and over 4300 re-shares.

Speaks volumes about how much of a winner it really is. There are fans actively commenting and re-sharing it even today.

An epic show like Rick and Morty hands-down deserves an epic remix and this doesn’t fall short in any way. We’re proud of your work, Andromulus. You should check him out on Soundcloud for more such remixes!