When it come to the question about who talks more, a study has revealed that not only do women talk more than men, but they talk three times more than men. The Average woman is said to talk about 20,000 Words in one day while men talk only about 7,000 words.

It was also discovered that women tend to talk faster and men talk slower. The average woman speaks at approximately 145-160 words per minute while many sources state that the average man speaks at a rate of about 110–150 words per minute. Of course, the speed varies depending on the occasion.

A book written by a female psychiatrist says there are differences in how women and men talk because their brains are different. The book, "The Female Mind" by Dr. Louann Brizendine focuses on the brain cells of the sexes. She indicates that talking triggers the flow of brain chemicals that result in women getting a buzz out of hearing the sound of their own voices. Dr. Brizendine contends that talking gives women a rush similar to what heroin addicts feel when they get high. She adds that males chat much less than their female counterparts.

Language protein

Researchers at the University of Maryland say they have discovered that a protein in the brain might explain why women are more talkative than men.

They say a language protein or language gene called Foxp2 is more prevalent in women's brains than in men's brains. They also believe the protein is the reason why little girls start speaking earlier than little boys.


Another study was done in 2014 at Northeastern University where 133 adults were given socio meters to record how much they talked.

The sociometer is a device about the size of a smartphone that measured the subjects' social interactions. The results were based on the setting of the conversations. Women were

Women were more talkative with casual conversations in smaller groups and in academic settings. Men were more talkative in professional groups with six or more people.

The sociometer-based study revealed the same things the other studies showed.

All those studies might have revealed some interesting information about who speaks more words. However, the findings are based on averages. There might be some men who talk more in their own families, and there might be some women who speak fewer words than their counterparts in certain situations. Personalities and the settings also play a part in determining who speak more.