Healthy Skin is something most people strive to have (especially women) because when our skin looks its best, our makeup will look flawless. Some people are blessed to have naturally flawless, healthy skin, while others struggle daily to get their skin on the right track. There are countless research studies that one can find online that suggest a plethora of ways that will help one Achieve their skin goals. Here are 5 simple ways that can help anyone obtain clear and healthy skin.

Drink more water

People are supposed to consume a gallon of water a day.

It may sound like an impossible task giving how much people love to drink coffee, soda and juice, but it is a task that can be done if one is dedicated. Water is such a great nutrient for our bodies because it boosts the immune system, promotes weight-loss, and increases energy in the body -- to name a few. When one drinks a lot of water daily, it can tremendously help clear one’s skin.

Eat better

Most people can be found guilty of over-indulging in unhealthy foods that taste amazing but are terrible for overall good health. Shape published an article earlier this year titled "The 6 Worst Foods for Your Skin." The article talks about how eating large amounts of sugar and high-glycemic foods can be a leading cause when it comes to developing skin problems.

Putting a ton of unhealthy foods in the body can cause excess oil production in the face that leads to clogged pores and then leads to breakouts. One should strive to be mindful of what one is eating. Consuming more vegetables and fruits can prevent unnecessary breakouts on the face.

Exercise daily

Everyone knows that exercise is vital to help keep the body healthy and in shape.

What some may not know is that exercise can also assist in keeping one’s skin healthy as well. When we sweat while exercising, our pores are open and the toxins in our skin get purged. It is also vital to note that sweat can cause breakouts if one does not thoroughly cleanse their skin after working out, so, always make sure to wash your face immediately after working out.

Whether power walking, jogging or hitting the gym; strive to include some type of exercise routine into your daily schedule.

Develop a skincare regimen

Maintaining a skincare regimen is crucial to healthy skin. Washing your face morning and night is just as important as brushing your teeth morning and night. The benefits to having a daily skincare regimen are tremendous because your skin will show how much you care to keep it clear and healthy. Using deep cleansers that purge the skin of toxins and facial masks that help calm the skin and even the skin’s tone are two methods that will help anyone’s skin look and feel its best.

Stop touching your face

Most people don’t realize how much they touch their face and why they should stop doing it.

When you excessively touch your face or let someone else touch your face, the unseen bacteria and dirt on hands easily transfers to the face, causing breakouts. For example, touching a doorknob and then touching your face is a negative. Bacteria that was on the doorknob just transferred to the skin. Try to be more cautious and avoid touching your face with unclean hands.