A burning stomach can cause fatigue, stress, anxiety, and severe pain. It is often regarded as acidity and one of the most dangerous health complications to date. It is commonly caused by unhealthy diet, infections, chlorinated water, and overuse of alcohol and antibiotics.

The stomach is a muscular organ present between the small intestine and an esophagus. It performs a lot of functions every day and is responsible for digesting food. The stomach breaks down large food particles into smaller ones and mixes them with enzymes. The food is then moved to the intestines and reaches all parts of the body through the bloodstream.

The most common causes of stomach burning are emotional stress, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcer, celiac disease, Herpes zoster, inflammation, eczema, smoking, and obesity. If you are suffering from stomach burning, give a try to the following home remedies.

Baking soda

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) can do a lot more than just a sit in the back of your refrigerator. It is one of the most powerful and efficient remedies for digestive and blood circulatory problems. Baking soda acts as a potent agent against stomach burning and neutralizes the acid to a greater extent. The regular use of baking soda provides relief and prevents from various skin problems. Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with a cup of hot water, and stir until it gets dissolved completely.

Add a few drops of lemon juice or one teaspoon honey for taste, and drink twice per day. Repeat this remedy for four to five times a week for fantastic results.

Pickle juice

It may sound odd, but pickle juice is an excellent remedy for stomach burning. Pickles are considered one of the healthiest foods for centuries. This helps maintain beauty, prevent skin problems, and cleanse your stomach.

Pickle juice is a particular type of brine solution, which has excellent electrolytes, antifungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It can be used every day, or thrice per week to get rid of acid burning and other stomach problems.

Apple cider vinegar

For an upset stomach, apple cider vinegar acts as a powerful ingredient.

It is best known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Apple cider vinegar naturally cures almost all stomach problems, thanks to its antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. It soothes intestinal spasm and helps to get rid of acidity in just a matter of minutes. Mix three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of hot water. You can also include some lemon juice to the mixture, and drink it four to five times a week for fantastic results.