What was going on last night at the White House? Red flashing lights from inside the White House could be seen through the second-story windows prompting arm-chair sleuths to make some bizarre, weird, and hysterical suggestions. President Trump was seen with his hand on that orb while visiting Saudi Arabi, so many folks thought he came home and conjured up an orb room all of his own.

Trump's orb room?

Everyone knows Trump's tendency toward the color red, as his ties are a tell-tale sign of this, so they thought maybe he was setting up his own orb in red.

Some of the tweets and Facebook posts were hysterical and actually offered clean and funny quips without slamming Trump. Still, others bordered on mean, but the majority of the posts online showed people having fun at no one's expense.

You can see the flashing Red Lights coming from the area of the second floor where the president's residence is located. Could it be nothing more than a fire drill? It is a federal building after all.

The orb room is one explanation offered up from the online world when it came to deciphering the flashing red lights everyone was seeing.

Some were a little bit meaner than others. The post below wasn't as nice as the majority of the posts.

Flashing for 20 minutes

The social media sites turned the White House red light mystery into a viral meme.

Some of the suggestions will just curl your toes, but seriously, why was a red light flashing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a period of time that was long enough for others to take notice and bright enough to be seen from a good distance away?

Trump's residence

According to the New York Post, there are TV cameras that are regularly aimed at the White House and at about 8:30 p.m.

on Sunday they caught the red strobe light action coming from inside one of the most famous buildings in the world. The lights seemed to be coming from inside two of the windows on the second floor of the White House, which is the president's residence. The Twitter user below seems to think they have the mystery solved.

At the time the lights were flashing the president was at home, he had just gotten back from his nine-day trip overseas. An explanation of the red lights was not offered by the White House staff or the Secret Service.

That didn't stop folks online from conjuring up their own explanations for the flashing red lights at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Back-channel code to Russia?

The disco dance party for Trump's first full day back from his trip seemed to be a favorite among the social media users. Some conjured up their explanations out of the headlines of the day. According to the Post, a suggestion was made that the red flashing lights were a back-channel to the Russians, only it was done in code.

Tanning bed on the fritz?

Some offered up their concerns that Trump's tanning bed may be on the fritz and another suggestion called for Trump to be in a heated game of Operation, causing the game's lights to wildly flash on and off.

Surprisingly there were quite a few mentions to Trump creating his own orb room.

Whatever the source of the lights was, they lasted for all of 20 minutes, giving the nation a foundation for several funny jokes. Most of the jokes were probably something Trump himself would laugh at. There are always a few in every crowd, but for the most part, the online folks kept it kind and clean.

Just a mundane reflection

After all the speculation, Sean Spicer confirmed that the red lights were nothing more than a reflection in the windows from an ambulance that was parked in Lafayette Park. This was tweeted by New York Magazine's Olivia Nuzzi, as seen below.