Sure, kids are growing up too fast these days, but this very peculiar baby in this very odd video is doing something that doesn't normally happen until a baby is much older. This newborn baby walks, yes, that's right, walks! A new viral video shows a baby who has only been in this world for a few minutes attempting to walk away with the assistance of a nurse steadying the baby as her little feet move.

Where's this tiny might going?

The Inquisitr reports that the video of this newborn baby walking broke the internet over the weekend after a woman from Brazil posted the video to her Facebook page.

The video looks real enough, but that doesn't really mean anything these days when editing has become so easy that a kid in kindergarten can do it.

First steps at a minute old

The woman's name is Arlete Arantes, who posted the 41-second clip of a newborn attempting to walk after she is right out of the womb. Babies don't have the muscle or coordination to keep themselves upright, but with a nurse propping the baby up, this tiny little bundle of joy appears to be trying to walk away, as seen in the video below. You can decide for yourself, is this baby walking?

Walking out of the womb

Babies traditionally start attempting steps at about nine to 12 months old, but if you prop them up or hold them by the hands before that time with their feet on the floor, they do attempt to take some steps.This probably wouldn't be the case for most babies who are only a few minutes old.

Stepping reflex

According to the Inquisitr article's research, what this newborn is doing is called a stepping reflex. It is an innate reflex that all babies have and it goes away in a couple of months. Apparently, after all the hoopla of the baby walking, all that you are witnessing on this video is the baby's innate instinct to make a stepping motion when their feet are on a flat surface.

This is not considered the baby's first steps, just a behavior that most people don't get to see because you usually scoop a newborn baby up in your arms. Most of the time a newborn is kept in a horizontal position and there's no opportunity for this stepping reflex to be seen in action.

It is not often that you are taking a baby just a few minutes old and planting their feet on a flat surface, giving them a chance to try out this stepping motion, or stepping reflex, that they are born with.

No hoax, but not peculiar

The Inquisitor's final consensus is - this is not a hoax and you are not witnessing something peculiar about this baby. Who knows, maybe this kid will be one heck of a hiker when they get older, considering this short clip left more than 74 million people in awe!