Target is a popular store where people shop to Save Money. It is the second largest discount store in the United States, behind Walmart. While people know about the daily discounted prices on some merchandise, shoppers can save even more by taking advantage of other ways.


Most stores don't, but Target lets you use both one manufacturer and one store coupon on a single item. You can stack your discounts and save more on the same item.

Gift cards

This is no secret, but some people don't know they can purchase an item and also get a free Gift card with that item.

Then they can pay for that item with the gift card along with other items at the checkout. Target will have those deals throughout the store and shoppers can find out which items come with gift cards in the store's weekly ads.


Target offers REDcards to help shoppers save money. Target has its own debit card and a store credit card. Either card gives customers 5 percent off every purchase. Owners of debit cards can withdraw a maximum of $40 when they check out. Owners of credit cards can make payments and manage their account online.


There are clearance items at Target every single day. The clearance items are in addition to the already low prices. There are special clearance days for certain things.

For instance, there are bargains on electronics on Monday, women's clothes on Tuesday, men's clothes on Wednesday, housewares on Thursday, and jewelry on Friday.

Cartwheel App

Target's free Cartwheel app save shoppers when they browse the website and print a barcode for the item they want. Sometimes the saving is up to 75 percent on some items.

The new offers come out every Sunday, and special bargains show up randomly any day of the week. Cartwheel offers can be combined with other perks to save customers even more.

Gift registry

Like a lot of department stores, Target has a gift registry where customers can earn additional savings on merchandise. A 15 percent discount will be given to those who order from a wedding registry, baby registry, college registry, or any other registry.

Reusable bags

Shoppers can save by using their own bags. Five cents will be deducted for every reusable bag. It doesn't sound like much, but it helps especially for people on a budget.

Cash-back website

Shoppers can save by using Ebates, a popular cash-back website that gives an additional 2 percent cash back on anything purchased from Target.