Getting ready for bed, you may want to hold up a minute before reaching for those comfy Pjs, especially if they are the same ones you wore last nigh and here is why.

Wearing the same PJs nightly is dangerous to your health

Reports reveal that most people wear the same PJs to bed several nights in a row before tossing them into the laundry pile to be washed. The average man wears PJs 13 nights in a row before changing them, and women a shocking 17 nights.

Women are worse than men when it comes to changing their nightwear

You may think that you are nice and clean after that nightly shower when you hop into bed, but...check out these facts you are going to want to know before you reach for those night clothes.

1. Did you know that no matter how clean you are most people carry a tiny bit of staph bacteria on their skin, inside your nose, and mouth? Thankfully for most the amount is so small that it usually doesn't pose problems. That being said, if you wear the same PJs multiple nights between washings the staph bacteria will collect and live on you nightwear. This poses a huge danger if bacteria gets inside your skin by way of a cut, or ingrown hairs. Once that happens it is a trip to the doctor, or even worse for some.

2. If you are battling acne, then wearing the same night clothes is not good for you. The garments collect not only yucky bacteria, but body oil that rests for hours pressed against your skin.

This could lead to a major outbreak of acne. The pimples also open the door to that nasty staph bacteria from number one.

3. Now, let's move on to Dust Mites. They are everywhere. Needless to say, if they are collecting on your PJs then they are also making a nice home on those bedsheets and comforters. Dust mites wreak havoc on a person's respiratory system so it is best to avoid them at all costs.

Dirty pajamas draw in even more dust mites, which can contribute to respiratory problems, especially while you’re sleeping.

4. As a person tosses and turns throughout the night your jammies tend to soak up some of that nightly body sweat, with sweat equaling stink, you PJs are probably not as pleasant to smell as you may think.

Even if you bathe nightly, as soon as you climb into dirty PJs, it was all for naught.

5. Wearing dirty PJs is bad for your health. The dirty nightwear will weaken your immune system, making you a perfect target for that nasty flu virus, stomach bugs, and any other creepy crawly germs you may come into contact with daily.

There you have it, five Reasons why you should buck up, do your laundry, and keep those PJs nice and clean.