People wonder all the time if the pets they love and enjoy on earth will go to Heaven when they die. Some people don't like the answer they are given by experts. While they might love their Pets and treat them like family when they are alive, there are expert opinions about the age-old question: "Will my pet go to heaven when it dies?"

There are opposing answers to that question. Some will agree and accept the answer and others will disagree and think the answer is farfetched. In that case, they are still left wondering. The best thing is to have an open mind and hear both sides.

Will your pet go to heaven?

Unfortunately, there is no scripture that says, "Thy shalt see thy pet in heaven." That would settle the argument that your pet does go to heaven after it dies. However, the Bible does not come right out and say that. There are some scriptures that should be considered.

The Bible says heaven is reserved for the redeemed. Your pet cannot be redeemed because it doesn't have a soul no matter how cute, lovable, smart, and playful it might be. Only humans were made in God's own image with a soul and not pets. Jesus died on the cross for humans and not for animals. When animals misbehave, they cannot repent for their behavior. Therefore, they cannot sin and be redeemed from their sins.

Based on that explanation, then pets do not go to heaven like people.

Will pets be in heaven?

The answer to the question about your pet going to heaven is "No." Some people don't want to accept that answer, but that doesn't change the answer just because they don't accept it. However, here is a bit of good news. While the Bible doesn't give a "Yes" or "No" answer about your personal pets in heaven, it does say that there will be animals in heaven.

However, they will not be yours.

Animals will be in heaven for all to enjoy. If the pet was yours, then only you would get pleasure and enjoyment from it being there. Your name will not be on the tag around any animal's neck. All will share in heaven and no one will own anything as they do on earth.

The prophet Isaiah made it clear that heaven will include animals.

According to Isaiah 65:25, "The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox." Also Revelation 19:14 mentions horses.

Advice to pet owners

Continue to love and care for your pets while they are alive. They are for your pleasure on earth and not in heaven. Enjoy the memories of your pet after it dies and find comfort in those memories.

For those who are not convinced about the fate of their pets, it is fine to think they do go heaven if that gives you comfort. Have you ever thought, what if your pets go to heaven and you don't go yourself? One thing for sure is that if you get to heaven and don't see your pets, you will not be disappointed because there is no disappointment or sadness in heaven.