The newly discovered substance recently found in the Breast Milk could mean a more effective and targeted way to kill cancerous cells. Scientists are now looking into the possibility of whether a compound found in mother’s milk could help cure Cancer. For years, we have been well aware of the potent life-nurturing benefits of breast milk. With the latest breakthrough, it appears that treating cancer will no longer cost people a fortune. Could this be the miracle mankind has long been looking for?

The Hamlet

Latest studies reveal that breast milk may be rich in a compound that acts as a powerful way to destroy tumorous and cancerous cells when purified and prepared as an injection.

The cancer destroying compound, coined by scientists as 'Hamlet' or human alpha-lactalbumin is lethal to tumor cells. Interestingly, the recently discovered compound appears to target only the cancer cells and not the healthy cells in the body. In other words, this cancer-busting substance won’t cause the horrible side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Hamlet is a protein-lipid complex that causes apoptosis-like death in tumor cells. In the process, the deadly cancer cells self-destruct while leaving healthy cells unaffected.

Chance discovery

Breast milk is a good source of antimicrobial agents which prevents the growth of microbes. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden wanted to find out how these antimicrobial agents can kill bacteria.

In the experiment, human cancer cells were used as the bacteria component. It was during this experiment that the novel discovery of how the Hamlet compound might work with cancer cells was discovered. The research headed by Immunology Professor Catharina Svanborg disclosed that the tumor cells died upon adding the milk compound.

She further stated that breast milk contains the alpha-lactalbumin protein. This kind of protein transforms into a cancer-fighting agent when inside the stomach while leaving healthy cells unscathed. The compound targets the cell nucleus and mitochondria of the malfunctioning cells, causing them to die.

There are several experiments being conducted now to further this latest breakthrough.

Bladder cancer patients have already undergone experiments and returned positive results. Hamlet is currently being tested against a placebo to further examine the promising benefits of the said compound.