Maysak was the tenth typhoon of the season that struck North Korea. Kim Jong-un had passed on a message to party members in the capital through an open letter. In it, he mentioned that the current year was a difficult year because of the continued health crisis all over the world apart from natural disasters. In the letter, he revealed that the Party Central Committee had taken a decision to send a large number of party members from Pyongyang to regions hit by the typhoon.

They will extend assistance to the communities for quick recovery. The country had made provisions of minimizing damage and informed its people about the location of shelters as well as the path of the typhoon.

These will come in handy while responding to the crisis. Right now, North Korea is facing torrential rains, accompanied by floods and typhoons. This year is described as one of the wettest rainy seasons on record and typhoon Maysak struck the Korean Peninsula on Thursday.

Al Jazeera says that Kim Jong-un dismissed a provincial party chief because of his inability to respond to the disaster. The leader toured the areas hit by the typhoon to assess the extent of damage. He was on foot and convened a meeting on the subject with his officials. The official news agency indicated the loss of hundreds of houses in two of the provinces and inundation of farmland and some public buildings.

Officials punished for inadequate response to the typhoon

There are no immediate reports of any loss of lives or injuries in the two provinces. However, there have been a number of casualties in another province. That has not gone down well with Kim Jong-un. He could inflict punishment on officials who did not take prompt measures to evacuate the people to safe locations.

Al Jazeera mentions about his policy committee meeting.

Its agenda was the recovery efforts in the typhoon-hit areas. He laid emphasis on associated logistics involving crews and material necessary for relief activities. In the meeting, he introduced a change of guard in the South Hamyong provincial party committee. Punishment of officials was to send across a message to those who failed to follow orders.

The inaction resulted in casualties.

Kim Jong-un views failure to act during the typhoon seriously

According to The BBC, North Korea has said it would punish local officials over the typhoon that hit the eastern coast recently. One of the media outlets put the blame on officials in the coastal city of Wonsan. They failed to prepare for preventive actions against typhoon Maysak and it was an example of an "irresponsible attitude." There were instructions to local authorities in Wonsan on the subject and they were supposed to make necessary arrangements.

They had to identify properties at risk and arrange the evacuation of all residents. Footage on state broadcaster revealed the destruction of bridges and concrete walls in Kangwon province due to the floodwaters.

Typhoon disturbs the balance of nature

The BBC says typhoon Maysak was the second one to strike North Korea after typhoon Bavi. Incidentally, the country is vulnerable to flooding caused by large-scale deforestation of mountains and hills. Humans in the name of development perpetrate most of these activities. As a result, when a natural disaster hits any region, the loss mounts. This loss could be of lives and properties. It disturbs the balance of nature and the infrastructure has to withstand the worst of the attack.

Power lines can go down and people have to rely on Renewable Energy. In September 2018, super-Typhoon Mangkhut slammed Hong Kong. One year later, in October 2019, typhoon Hagibis struck Japan. That, in turn, affected a number of Rugby World Cup matches.