Uganda is located in central Africa. Much of the country's southern region border of Lake Victoria. It has a long history of political turmoil, including at one point being ruled by the notorious dictator Idi Amin.

Different kinds of political controversies have become issues in Uganda over the years since then. A recent shocking turn of events involves one of the country's most prominent politicians, Mwesigwa Rukutana.

Accused of attempting to murder supporters of his political rival

Mwesigwa Rukutana had been in a difficult political struggle.

He was engaged in a campaign in his party's primary race for his seat in the Ugandan Parliament. Rukutana was facing off with Naome Kabasharira, a former member of Parliament.

In the midst of a tense environment, Rukutana apparently encountered a group of Kabasharira supporters in a car. An argument apparently ensued, according to The Independent. Allegedly, ti was followed by a series of highly disturbing events.

According to investigators, Rukutana got a gun from his security team. He then opened fire on the supporters of Naome Kabasharira in the car. Rukutana has since been arrested. The charges against him are attempted murder, malicious damage to property and inciting violence. Three members of his security team were also arrested.

At the time of Rukutana's arrest, all of the occupants of the car had survived. However, one of them was critically injured and was rushed to a hospital.

As it would turn out, Mwesigwa Rukutana would lose the primary election for the seat he's been holding. Kabasharira prevailed with the nomination. The Parliamentary seat in question represents a region of the Ntungama District in southwestern Uganda.

Rukutana has been a member of the Uganda Parliament since 2001. He's held a number of notable posts. Ironically, he was once one of the country's most powerful law enforcement officials as deputy attorney general. More recently, he's been the state minister of labor.

Rukutana wasn't the only high-profile politician to lose a primary race

As reported by the Daily Monitor, several powerful Ugandan politicians were unsuccessful in primary races. The races were for nominations of the National Resistance Movement. Despite the name, the NRM is the dominant political party in Uganda.

Several Cabinet members were defeated in their bids to keep their seats in Parliament. Including Foreign Affairs Minister Henry Oryem Okello, Trade Minister Werikhe Kafabusa and Finance Minister Gabriel Ajedra Aridru. As well as Transport Minister Simon D'Ujanga, Justice Minister Ephraim Kamuntu and Health Minister Elioda Tumwesigye.