Super-Typhoon Mangkhut killed 25 people in the Philippines, then tracked towards China where it's expected to affect the large population of people who live on the southern coastlands. Although it lost some punch after the Philippines, it's still bringing heavy winds of up to 175 km/ph (108 mph). Sunday morning Hong Kong time, saw heavy winds and rain lashing the island, Bangkok Post reported.

Hong Kong leader warns people not to storm chase Mangkhut

The South China Morning Post noted that the highest alert level was issued. A T10 is as high as they get.

The storm is the strongest of 2018 and Hong Kong prepared as best as they could ahead of the Super-Typhoon. The latest updates from SCMP report, "Mangkhutis centred about 110km southwest of Hong Kong and is forecast to move west-northwest at about 30km/h towards the coast to the west of the Pearl River estuary." According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the water level in the Victoria harbor is nearly 3.5m above normal. The leader of the city warned people not to go out and try to storm chase the monster typhoon.

Emphasizing that emergency services didn't need the additional threat of having to save people, she warned them to stay indoors and hunker down. While Hong Kong made advance preparations, there are fears that in places, it may not be enough as the dangerous storm batters with hurricane force winds.

Bangkok Post noted that on Sunday, "some residents reported their buildings were swaying in the wind and parks were already strewn with broken branches by the early morning."

People shelter in stairwells in Discovery Bay

News in via a South African source, author of the children's book, "Mkulu and the Spider," is that the winds and rain are lashing at Discovery Bay, but it's stiflingly hot in the stairwells.

Her daughter and her family, living on the third floor, said a neighbor experienced the window locks being torn off. They had to take shelter in the stairwell, where the heat is stifling. Moving away from the windows and using heavy drapes has not dispelled her fears of them breaking. While they too consider moving into the stairway, she worries about her little daughter in the heat.

My source noted that her daughter said the "windows are shaking badly despite taping." Flying debris is of concern and according to SCMP more than 100 people already went to public hospitals for treatment.

Super-Typhoon headed for China

While Hong Kong experiences the fury of the storm, China mainland braces for direct impact. The city of Yangjiang has 2.4 million inhabitants. Bangkok Post notes the area seldom experiences high-intensity typhoons and residents fear the oncoming onslaught. Further down the coast, Zhanjiang also prepares to face the monster Super-Typhoon Mangkhut this week.