While London is still reeling from other, terror-related attacks, the latest incident happened in northwest London last week. What have been dubbed “idiotic” youths, lit a firework and threw it into a Transport For London bus. A passenger captured footage of the incident on his smartphone, showing terrified passengers diving for cover as the firework ricochets around the interior of the bus in York Way in King’s Cross in London last Saturday.

Firework attack was sudden and unexpected

The Metro quotes one passenger, Apostolos Filis, as saying the attack was really sudden.

He said the youths first attacked bikes and cars, then turned their attention to the bus. Filis took video footage of the incident as it happened, which is included below. Readers are warned that the footage does contain strong language.

The video footage was taken from the back of the bus, showing passengers screaming and diving for cover as the firework ricochets off the ceiling and walls, with sparks flying. Once the firework had burned out, two men can be seen jumping from the bus to chase after the youths.

Firework attack on bus is ‘anti-social behavior’

Fortunately, no one was injured in the senseless attack according to the London Ambulance Service who was called to the scene. However, the Transport for London director of enforcement called the behavior “idiotic” and “extremely dangerous.” Steve Burton said actions of this kind will not be tolerated, saying the department was working with London Metropolitan Police in attempting to apprehend the suspects and take appropriate action against them.

Metropolitan police dubbed the incident “anti-social behavior,” as officers from the Islington police station investigate the incident.

Previous firework attack in Liverpool

RT News compares the latest firework attack to a similar incident in August, where a hooded man lit a box containing 70 fireworks in a pizza takeaway in Liverpool.

That incident saw workers in the restaurant throwing themselves over the counter and taking cover at the rear of the shop, while the fireworks filled the store with smoke and sparks.

CCTV footage of that incident shows two workers looking bored in the empty takeaway, before they suddenly panic, climbing over the counter to take cover.

Other videos had shown the suspect calmly opening the door to the Hello Pizza takeaway, placing the box of fireworks on the floor and lighting them before leaving, closing the door behind him. Damage was caused to the takeaway, but neither of the workers suffered injuries.