London Metropolitan Police have taken a 15-year-old into custody following what they term an “altercation” between two groups in the Stratford Centre in the Westfield area of London at around 8 p.m. local time Saturday night. Initially, police believed the acid attack was random, but it turned out to be related to two male groups at the shopping center. Police do not believe the incident was terror-related.

Six male victims were treated at the scene by ambulance crews, with three taken to a local hospital, while a 15-year-old teenager was taken into custody on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

London police initially thought the attacks were random

As reported by the BBC, while initially it was believed the acid attacks had occurred at multiple locations, it turned out that the six victims were involved in the initial altercation. Chief Superintendent Ade Adelekan assured the public that this was not random and that they had established the incident involved two male groups, fighting against each other.

According to police, there were no life-changing or life-threatening injuries involved in the acid attacks. The area where the attacks occurred was cordoned off by police as they investigated and paramedics treated the injured.

According to witnesses at the scene of the incident, an argument had occurred within a group of males.

Another witness, named as Hossen, 28, works as assistant manager at the local Burger King. He saw one of the victims run into the bathroom with his friend to wash acid from his face. Hossen said one of them, a local homeless man, had cuts surrounding his eyes and was throwing water over them. Inside the bathroom, the floor was covered with water, medical gloves and toilet paper.

The Evening Standard quotes another witness, 19-year-old Harry Green, as saying he saw the “chaotic aftermath” of the incident. He and his friends had just left the Tube to see dozens of people being interviewed by police officers, with everyone looking distressed.

Tahseen Taj lives opposite the Stratford Centre and said he was disturbed by the noise.

He said at around 20:45 p.m. local time he heard ambulances and police arriving at the Stratford Centre and that because there had been a West Ham football match that day, he thought it must be a brawl related to that game. However as fire engines, along with more police and ambulances arrived, he became worried, saying it was “chaotic.”

Previous acid attacks in London

Back in July, it was reported that two teenagers had been taken into custody following a series of acid attacks in London. In just 90 minutes, teenagers attacked four victims in various areas of London, in what was found to be a violent scooter theft scheme.