What was initially feared as being yet another Terrorist Attack in London on Saturday turned out to be a case of dangerous driving. The 47-year-old man concerned was arrested at the scene after hitting eleven people with his black Toyota Prius car close to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London. The man was released later in the day after he was questioned by police.

Of the eleven people injured in the incident, none suffered life-threatening injuries. While nine were taken to a local hospital, the majority were discharged later that evening.

Most victims suffered leg and head injuries.

Incident was initially feared to be a terrorist attack

As reported by the Evening Standard, the incident occurred at around 14:20 local time on Exhibition Road, an area of London popular with tourists and families for its museums and restaurants. Besides the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Science Museum are located in the same area. The incident initially sparked panic that it was another terror attack and armed police and other responders soon arrived on the scene. Video footage later emerged of the driver being taken from his car and restrained on the ground.

While the driver of the vehicle has since been released, police are continuing their investigation into the incident and have asked any witnesses with information to come forward, specifically if they have video or photos of the crash.

Huge response to the car crash

The U.K.’s terror threat level currently set as “severe,” which is the second highest level and means that a further attack is highly likely to happen. Videos taken following the incident showed many police and other emergency response vehicles on the scene and as reported on Saturday, all museums and restaurants in the area were evacuated, with people’s belongings and meals left behind half-eaten.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted later on Sunday to thank emergency responders for their swift action and to wish a speedy recovery to those injured in the incident.

He went on to advise tourists and residents that all the museums and attractions in that area would be open for business as normal on Sunday.

The BBC reports that Oliver Cheshire, the fiancé of local singer Pixie Lott, was among the members of the public who pinned down the car driver after the incident. Cheshire posted on Twitter to thank everyone for messaging him, saying he is fine. He went on to thank the other men who helped him to restrain the driver and also the police for arriving at the scene so quickly.

Detective Constable Darren Case of the London Metropolitan Police said he understood the alarm and concern the incident had caused but stressed that the investigation related entirely to a road traffic incident. He went on to thank members of the public for assisting the injured.