Ariana Grande is resuming her world tour that was put on hold following the terror attack at her concert in Manchester. Returning to Manchester to take part in the “One Love Manchester” concert has brought the famous singer even more fans.

'Dangerous Woman Tour' turned out to be 'dangerous' in literal terms

It was during her recent Dangerous Woman Tour in Manchester in 2017, that a suicide bomber attacked the venue that left 23 people dead and 119 people injured. Fortunately, she and her troupe survived the attack but the severity of the incident moved her deeply.

She visited the injured people in the hospital and consoled their families.

A few days after the incident she held participated in the show called “One Love Manchester” in that city to pay her tributes to the victims and aid their bereaved families. This was a noble and courageous approach from her side that won applauds from her fans and increased her universal fame.

Resuming her world tour with aplomb

Two weeks after the terror attack shook the Manchester Arena concert, Ariana has resumed the tour with her live performance in Paris. Security was tight during the entire show and policemen took extra security measures to ensure maximum safety to the performers as well as the audience.

Ariana later expressed her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to her crew as well as the French crowd who defied the Manchester Arena memory and turned out in great numbers.

The crowd cheered enthusiastically and joined her in the vocals for the “One Last Time” song that was considered to be the tribute song for the terror victim attacks.

Getting praise and respected from all quarters

The way she handled the entire situation after the unfortunate incident at Manchester has won the hearts of millions worldwide.

She is getting praise from every quarter and has become more popular. It can be speculated that after this gig, she will continue getting positive hype and multiply her Fan Base in the coming years. At 23, she is the next youth icon and is surely going to rock the world with her music and sensibility.

Ariana Grande, born Ariana Grande-Butera on 26th June 1993 is an American singer and actress with a huge fan base across the world.

She started her musical career at the tender age of 13 in a Broadway musical. Since then, she had been on top of the music charts with the albums she released. To date, she has released three albums, “Yours Truly” in 2013, “My Everything” in 2014 and the latest being “Dangerous Woman” in 2016. All these albums and the tracks have been hugely popular among music lovers.