The police have begun investigations into the Terror Attack on London Bridge in which seven innocent people were killed and have, so far, interviewed more than 250 witnesses across 19 countries. The police are of the opinion that there could be others who could throw some more light on the attack and want them to come forward. There appears to be huge network involved in the attack and the police have cautioned that there could be more similar attempts.

The terrorists had initially wanted to use a 7.5-tonne lorry and when their efforts to hire it online failed, they decided to use a smaller van.

To increase the force of the impact they loaded it with bags of gravel and knew where to lay hands on so many bags of gravel. This is an example of the meticulous planning that had gone into the attack.

There were Molotov cocktails in the van

Sky News reports that after the terrorists were shot dead by the police on London Bridge, they opened the van and discovered more than a dozen Molotov cocktails inside. These are basically firebombs carved out of wine bottles and filled with lighter fuel and were probably intended for use in some more terror attacks. The police also recovered ceramic kitchen knives with razor-sharp blades. They were 12-inch long and pink in color and had been used to kill five people in the market.

Each terrorist had one of these knives.

The knives have put the police in a quandary because they were unusual. Commander Dean Haydon, head of Scotland Yard's Counter Terrorism Command, has admitted that it is necessary to know more about these knives. Scotland Yard believes these are vital and could be crucial in the investigation.

The police have arrested a total of seven persons who could have links to the attack and have issued warnings to the public to remain on high alert and report any unusual behavior or incidents they may come across in their day to day lives.

How to prevent such attacks

Terrorism is an evil that is affecting people all over the world and the motivation for those who undertake terrorist activities is difficult to understand.

They just want to kill knowing fully well that they will also get killed which is a bad trend. They are driven by the urge to kill and repentance is not in their dictionary.

While every country has devised its own security apparatus and has experienced staff to maintain a constant vigil, the common man can also play an important role by keeping his eyes and ears open. It has been seen that terrorists are youngsters who have grown up in the neighborhood. Suddenly they embrace the path of violence and carry out terror attacks. Such individuals must be spotted in advance so that acts of terrorism like the one on London Bridge can be reduced.