As most know, it has been less than a week since 22 people were killed and more than 100 were injured while attending Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. Grande has already begun her plans to return to the city in order to host a benefit concert in order to raise money for the victims.

Date confirmed

Grande has confirmed June 4 as the date for her benefit concert for Manchester bombing victims. She also noted that the benefit will take place at one of the other arenas in the city that was not damaged in the blast. Ariana has also claimed to have reached out to some other musicians with the hopes of bringing them to perform in the concert – names were not revealed.

While the date has been set, she has not given any information regarding how tickets can be obtained.

She’s been criticized

Piers Morgan slammed Ariana and claimed that leaving the city to return home after the attack was a mistake. He believed that Grande should have gone to the hospital and visited the victims the way the Queen did. Grande stated that she would have loved to video chat or FaceTime with the victims if they wanted to and she was also willing to come to the hospital to visit any of the victims that were still there.

Her brother

As those who watch “Big Brother” know, Ariana Grande has a brother named Frankie. Franke has also recently taken to social media to speak out about the Manchester attack.

Frank said his “prayers, thoughts, and strength” have all been focused on those who were affected by this attack. Frank was currently in London doing his own form of entertainment when the attack occurred. He decided to cancel his London performance in honor of the memory of victims. Like Ariana, Frankie also posted a link to a Red Cross related fundraiser encouraging individuals who could donate blood to consider doing so.

Chances are pretty good it will be a very long time before the wounds of the Manchester attack are healed. While celebrities tend to have very mixed messages about who Ariana responded following what happened, she is a young singer who just wanted to be with her family after what had happened. Most of her fans likely would have understood if Grande had been too afraid to return to the stage after what had happened.

Her fans have been both supportive and understanding of Grande. Most have encouraged her to get back on the stage and not let the terrorists win.

Do you think Ariana made a mistake in her decision to return home and remain silent for as long as she did? Do you like that she’s hosting a benefit concert for the victims?