Back in 2015 and 2016, it seemed as if many hallyu stars, especially those in K-pop, were either pursuing relationships or breaking up compared to other years. It was also during those couple of years fans were given major surprises on who was with who. For example, Moon Hee Jun formerly of boy band H.O.T. and Soyul of girl group Crayon Pop announcing their relationship, marriage, and pregnancy made them one of the more controversial couples to come forward.

Another controversial couple to be announced within the last two years was Kai of EXO and Krystal of f(x).

The news reported about them were contrary to the images they were supposed to represent as K-pop idols. Ergo, they were a major discussion point in both the media and among fans. But now, it seems their controversial relationship has come to an end as it is now reported that Kai and Krystal have broken up.

SM Entertainment, the label and agency both Kai and Krystal are signed to through their respective K-pop acts, confirmed initial reports of the breakup. According to said initial reports, a source who is reportedly close to the two broke up under the most common condition most Hallyu couples breakup: busy schedules. They said the two were unable to meet often because of it which may, in turn, be a factor in their breakup.

They also think Kai and Krystal want to focus on their careers presently.

Many K-pop fans, especially those who identified as members of fan clubs of EXO and/or f(x), EXO-L and MeU respectively, argued actively on forums and fan cafes supporting Kai and Krystal's relationship since March 2016. Doubters, especially anti-fans, constantly fabricated rumors of the two K-pop idols' breaking up.

Eventually, those rumors became true.

Thankfully, there are positives of Kai and Krystal breaking up. Along with the constant onslaught of negativity constantly thrown their way about their relationship, their breakup comes at a time when both are breaking out on their own solo endeavors. Starting with Kai, he is pursuing acting.

Back in 2016, he made his debut as the lead in web drama "Choco Bank" followed by starring in two episodes in another web drama titled "First Seven Kisses."

Presently, Kai is set to play the main male lead in his first television K-drama "Andante." It will be followed up with a lead role in his first Japanese drama titled "Spring Has Come." It should also be noted that Kai is the first non-Japanese actor to have a lead role in a Japanese drama too.

Krystal is also very busy this year too as she recently released a collaboration with June One Kim, a member of the South Korean indie band Glen Check. The song "I Don't Wanna Love You" was revealed for the first time on February 14. It was part of a re-opening of a clothing store in Seoul, South Korea.

Krystal will also be acting in an upcoming K-drama for the Total Variety Network (tvN). It is a remake of the Korean manga "Bride of the Water God."

It was also revealed by fellow f(x) member Luna that the girl group is preparing for a comeback this year. There is no news when exactly it will happen but it is believed to release after "Bride of the Water God" airs.