Canon is revolutionizing picture-taking and printing and has for many years, even in the world of computers and has revolutionized how we go about our daily lives. There have been small printers that can be taken around and used to print on the go. Canon has taken this idea and made it better by letting the pictures become stickers! These stickers can be put pretty much anywhere. What is even better is the fact that the device does not use any ink, at all.

The IVY Mini Photo Printer

While printing photos is a dead concept (not to mention putting the printed pictures in an album), having a to-go printer is fun to show off to friends and family at get-togethers.

The Ivy Mini Photo Printer connects to a phone, or any other device, through Bluetooth and through an app that can be downloaded on both Apple and Andriod devices. The printer can create 2x3 prints that can also be used as stickers. The IVY Mini Photo Printer does not use any ink whatsoever, instead, it uses ZINK. ZINK is an acronym for Zero Ink Technology. The IVY Mini Photo Printer is completely wireless and only uses paper.

There is no need to worry about running out of ink and spending a lot of money on a small cartridge of ink (or only being able to print in black and white), running out of paper is the only worry. Each pack of IVY Mini Photo Paper comes with a ZINK Smart Sheet that is used to calibrate the IVY Mini so the printer stays in top shape and continues printing Canon's signature high-quality photos.

The IVY Photo Printer has a rechargeable battery that allows about 20 prints per charge. The device takes about 90 minutes to completely charge. The price for the IVY Mini Photo Printer is about a $130 (some are sold for slightly less, but only slightly) and comes in three distinctly unique colors: Rose gold, slate grey, and mint green.

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Purchasing the IVY comes with 10 sheets of ZINK printer paper with extra sheets costing about $10 for a 20- paper pack. Other paper packs are sold for a higher price, but more paper comes with them.

In conclusion

The Canon IVY can print Canon's signature high-quality pictures (that double as stickers) for a fair price. They also take a little less than a minute to print.

There are other, cheaper, products on the market today, but no one can argue that Canon is pushing for more and more innovation as time goes on. We are all excited to see what they come up with next. I give this Canon printer a high recommendation.