Ever since President Donald Trump began enforcing a "zero tolerance" immigration policy, children have been separated from their families, and no one knows when or if the families will be reunited. One facility that the children are being housed at, is in a small, hidden nook in the small city of La Verne. The building first began as an orphanage, but soon became a foster home for the children that have been separated from their families. The detention centers that are housing these children are being described as "prison-like," barely suitable for children.

The Cut reports that "most of the migrant family separations in recent weeks have occurred at the Border Control's Central Processing Station in McAllen, Texas." Children, housed here, are shoved into cage-like areas and given nothing but a thin green mat to sleep on. It is said that over 1,000 of the children housed in McAllen were separated from their families.

The children

The children are given little to no knowledge that their family is alive and waiting for them, just as the families have no clue if their children are alive. The poor conditions the children and some families live in are disgusting and unsanitary. According to the Los Angeles Times, "Details began to emerge Friday about the whereabouts of the separated children sent to Los Angeles and other locations around the country.

But this has done little to ease concerns about the children's welfare." No one knows how the children are being treated or cared for, or if they are being cared for in the first place. Over 1,000 immigrants were detained on Sunday (June 17), each of them having a child ripped from their arms and taken to facilities where they may not ever be seen again.

A 72-hour limit is given to adults in the McAllen, Texas facility. When the time is up, the adults must leave, but the children must stay. Brownsville, Texas took an abandoned Walmart and set it up to house boys. The boys sleep in doorless rooms. Each room has five beads due to overcrowding.

The families

The families are scared, and who can blame them?

They were separated from their children and they have no clue if their children are being cared for, or if they are being neglected. They have no clue if they will ever see their children again. They do not understand why they are being treated this way, nor why their children are taken from them. Seeing the way the families are treated, the children are probably treated them the same way in the family's eyes. The situation is nerve-wracking, and no one should have to go through it.