A bizarre slow-speed Chase occurred, in Los Angeles, on Thursday. police had run the license plate on a vehicle discovering the vehicle to be stolen, and the chase began. After a while, the car had stopped and started up again as its bumper dragged steadily behind it as the driver led the police slowly through the San Fernando Valley. The chase began at 10:15 PM and police believed he was driving under the influence. According to the BBC, the car stayed at an average speed of ten miles-per-hour, and a vigilante also tried to aid police in stopping the car.

Many bystanders stood around with their phones, most likely recording the events they saw. This possibly helped spawn the car's slow-moving chase through the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

The chase

Once it was established that the car was stolen the chase began but they could never have realized that their chase would be so unique. According to the Los Angeles Times, police attempted several PIT maneuvers attempting to cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. These attempts did not work and the driver kept going with the bumper still barely attached to the vehicle. Police set many spike traps on the path the driver was taking. The spike traps did not slow down the driver either, however, and the car showed no damage from the spikes.

The car continued to trudge along at its slow pace. The car would stop many times, police would get out of their vehicles, just in time for the driver to speed off once again. The driver was playing with the cops, getting the officer's hopes up before speeding off without so much as a wave. This caused a very slow, and strange chase indeed.

The conclusion

After many attempts and many stops, the police finally stopped the driver. After almost two hours, police finally made a successful PIT maneuver and caused the car to finally spin out of control. At 11:40 PM the spun-out car was surrounded by four police vehicles with their officer's guns drawn. The driver of the stolen, white, Nissan exited the vehicle and kept their hands up submissively, showing that they were unarmed and give up on the chase.

11:45 PM marks the time that the driver was arrested and taken into police custody for questioning and the almost two-hour chase was finally over with no injuries or accidents. The chase was a very bizarre case that has only happened a few times in the past. The car was returned to its rightful owner, dragging bumper and all.