Amazon dropped the price of its Ring Video Doorbell from $150 to $99 on Thursday, April 12. According to Builder Online, The same item was also listed on Rings' website at $179 but has also dropped to $99. This is Amazon's first product of its kind, which is a combination of a video camera and a Smart Doorbell. The smart doorbell feature allows you to speak to visitors at your door from WIFI connected devices such as a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Ring Video Doorbell is also able to send alerts to your devices when visitors ring the doorbell.

It also includes built-in motion sensors which can alert the user if someone comes to the door and also works with Amazon's Alexa, currently the top dog in smart home speakers, allowing the user to control the doorbell using his or her voice. Amazon also offers lifetime purchase protection which includes theft. If you lose the doorbell due to theft, Amazon will replace the device for free.

Amazon continues to raise your home's IQ

As of this writing, the Ring Video Doorbell has received 4/5 stars on Amazon's website, with 29,444 reviews -- which is no small deal. According to CBS News, Ring initially featured its smart doorbell on televisions' "Shark Tank" in which no deal was made. The product was later picked up by Amazon.

The drop in price last week occurred the same day that Amazon officially purchased the Ring company. Amazon also sells a security camera that pairs with its home delivery service called Amazon Cloud Cam, which also works with Alexa and features two-way audio as well. With the Cloud Cam, users can access video through Amazon Fire Tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and a recently launched website, that streams Cloud Cam footage live -- an electronic ecosystem making your smart home safer as well.

User reviews and subscription plans

There is also a Ring Video Doorbell 2 for sale on Amazon for $199, but upon reviewing product information and statistics, there seems to be no noticeable difference between the previous incarnation and the new Ring Video Doorbell 2. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 features a quick release battery and enhanced video, at 1080p versus 720p, which will not make a noticeable difference on tablets or smartphones.

It's worth noting that there is also a Video Doorbell Pro ($249) and Video Doorbell Elite ($499), which offer more stability (the doorbell elite utilizes ethernet rather than WIFI), and higher quality, but does not offer much more than that.

There is also a drawback to these devices as they require a monthly subscription. The cost depends on two different plans, one offered at $30/year per camera for video recording, review and sharing, and a higher tier plan for unlimited cameras that offers an extended warranty and 10 percent off all purchases on Rings' website.