Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 line hardly impressed and most decried the lack of power from within. The new variants came with Intel Skylake chips and were limited regarding power. The Cupertino company got off easily considering the more powerful Intel Kaby Lake chips were not yet in full blast in 2016.

In 2017, things are different. The Intel Kaby Lake chips are out along with other more powerful SoCs that should allow Apple to make the necessary tweaks. There is no official word yet from Apple on whether new MacBook Pros will be coming this year though most are sold to the idea that there is one.

In fact, the word out is that the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro 2017 (the one with 32 GB) will come with an Intel Cannon processor.

Apple levels up

A lot of this seems based on the fact that the new chipsets are out in the open. For some, Intel Cannon chipsets may be something new though they are stronger than the much-hyped Intel Kaby Lake chips awaited last year.

The Intel Cannon chipset is one of the first SoCs built with 10 nm process, a technology which fits in well with the power consumption concerns that Apple has been raving about with the MacBook Pro 2016. The chips are believed to be the ones that Apple would use for the MacBook Pro 32 GB variant, paired with better DDR memory which offers a promising and powerful laptop.

The 32 GB variant is not the only one expected to come out next. Apple has a couple of lower models and will most likely come with a bumped up SoC in the form of the Intel Kaby Lake chips. Regardless, buyers are more concerned about getting MacBooks with better specs that can ensure them smooth computing at any time.

Better days ahead for aspiring MacBook Pro owners

Right now, the only thing that most would have to worry about is when these souped-up MacBook Pro devices will come out in the open. The earliest date seen for them to come out is by October. If not, it could extend up the first quarter of 2018 especially if Apple runs into some problems.

Apple has not announced or at least hinted on the potential release date of the new batch of MacBook units, meaning most will have to play the waiting game once more. The Cupertino company has kept a tight lid on its plans despite some folks slowly shifting to the rival brand and its Microsoft Surface Pro series. If such is in play, the Cupertino company may just pull a fast one and have the upgraded MacBook Pro 2017 units come out later this year.