PlayStation Plus members have six games to look forward to on June 5! According to Comic Book, on the PlayStation 4, there will be "XCOM 2" and "Trials Fusion" available for free starting in June. The PlayStation 3 will have "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future" and "Zombie Drivers HD Complete Editon." Last but not least, is the PlayStation Vita, with "Squares" and "Atomic Ninjas." As per usual, the games will be available on all systems on the first Tuesday of the month, June 5. These games are much-anticipated and will be an excitable addition to any gaming library.

'XCOM 2'

This is a fighting-action game where you take control of an alien supply craft and transport the crafts to each designated spot. Each unique stage gives new challenges and allows you to unlock new skins for your spacecraft. This version of the game includes new skins for your warship. This will be available on the PlayStation 4.

'Trials Racing'

According to Polygon, "Trials Racing" is a racing game. It offers both official tracks created by the developers and tracks created by fans from all around the world! There are hours upon hours of content within this game to keep the entertainment going for months, maybe even years! This will be available to the PlayStation 4.

'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier'

This one is about joining a special-ops recon team. Fans have the high-end military technology and are sent all around the world to hunt down highly valued targets. There is not too much information on this game, but it may be fun for the fans of the Tom Clancey series. This will be available on the PlayStation 3.

'Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition'

This is a racing game with zombie-like avatars. The game also includes the original game's DLC. This DLC is called Apocalypse pack and includes Tropical Race Rage, Burning Garden of Slaughter, the game's soundtrack, and 20 new avatars. This game is more on the obscure side, but it is said to be pretty fun.

Do not knock it before you try it! This will be available on the PlayStation 3.


"Squares" is a puzzle game that tests the player's reflexes. There are 91 unique levels that also time the player's skills and reflexes. It keeps players on their toes and allows your reflexes to get quicker as you play it. This is never a bad thing, after all! This will be available on the PlayStation Vita.

'Atomic Ninjas'

This is a multiplayer fighting game. You can fight bots, online, or locally with friends! The game is very diverse in the ways you can play! However, the game has little in the gameplay department. Still, it is best to try it rather than shrugging it off. It may secretly be the best game ever released! This will be available on the PlayStation Vita.