So far this holiday shopping season has started out on a strong note. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were a runaway success because of the massive spending spree by consumers. As Christmas 2017 approaches, you can still shop around for an Android or an iOS device.

Black Friday was a hit and especially Cyber Monday. According to Adobe, this online shopping day generated $6.59 billion in sales. This milestone made Cyber Monday the largest U.S shopping day ever.

In the next sections, I will go over some of the current deals available for Android and Apple.

In addition, I will provide some additional information and a guide to buying a gift for others or for yourself as 2017 comes to a close.

What to buy for Christmas

A lot of press was particularly given to Apple when it released new products in its keynote presentation. It unveiled a new lineup of devices that included the arrival of the iPhone X.

As stated by CNBC, Apple's iPhone X comes with powerful features. It has a sharp and colorful OLED display. In addition, built-in facial recognition technology along with Animoji. Also, has wireless charging capabilities and brand new cameras.

If you are looking to upgrade to this device, you can trade in your old iPhone and acquire the new smartphone.

However, the older the phone the less of a trade you will get. As reported by BGR dot com, Best Buy will give you up to $250 if you trade up to an iPhone X at participating retailers. On the other hand, if you have in your possession an iPhone 7 Plus with no issues and 256 GB the trade-in value will be $300.

In spite of all of the favorable publicity for Apple's iPhone X, Samsung settled the score.

Believe it or not, The Telegraph published a detailed analysis of the various and different models in the marketplace. As it turns out, the Android-based device has been deemed the best mobile phone to buy for Christmas.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 gets high marks for the all-around Edge Display. It has maintained the headphone jack, which Apple has moved away from with its brand new iPhone models.

The second-ranking device is Apple's iPhone 8 and 8 Plus model. In part, it gets this favorable review because of the enhanced processor and that it happens to be the fastest ever installed on a mobile phone.

If you are neither an Android or iOS adopted check out the tweet below for additional deals to browse before Christmas.

Alternatively, iRULU has the GeoKing 3 Max Smartphone on sale for $159.99. Comes with an Octa-core chip and fingerprint technology.


This year has been filled with plenty of cutting-edge technology and competition among tech companies. Particularly, Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the smartphone market, and that is not about to change anytime soon.

When the year 2018 comes around it will be interesting to see what were the total number of units sold for iOS and Android devices.