The Microsoft Surface Phone is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017. The rumors on social media regarding the phone's specs and features are making the rounds again. If rumors are to be believed, the smartphone is coming out in mid-2018. The handset will fall in the high-end smartphone category. The handset will be Microsoft's entry in the top-end smartphone market segment. Most of the facts and information from this article come from a report by PhoneArena that was recently published.

Everything you need to know

The US tech giant has stopped making phones for the past couple of years.

The company has focused on software for mobiles and Windows 10 in recent years. Notably, the company has made the Lumia 950XL and the Lumia 950.

According to PhoneArena, rumors suggest that the Surface Phone might come up as a foldable smartphone which can transform into a tablet when "opened." There are already a few foldable devices available in the market, including the ZTE Axon M. Another reason why the launch of the phone looks imminent is that a number of patents were filed by Microsoft recently. A few of the patents have been leaked too.

Reaction: Microsoft on Surface Phone

According to Forbes, in November 2016, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, said that the company wants to make the “ultimate mobile device” ever.

The statement from the CEO indicates that the company wants to make a grand entry in the cut-throat competitive market of smartphones.

Surface Phone will go head-to-head with Apple iPhone X, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, and the Galaxy Note 8. The alleged foldable smartphone is expected to have cutting-edge specs and features.

The phone might have an aluminum body design and OLED display. The device could be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Despite being a foldable phone, it is expected to be IP68 certified. On the camera front, it might sport a dual-lens camera setup.

In terms of software, the Microsoft Surface Phone could use Andromeda (OS), on which the company is reported to be working.

The handset might have 256GB of onboard memory and a 6GB or 8GB RAM option. Furthermore, the phone is speculated to have a Surface Pen similar to the Galaxy Note 8's S-Pen. Although the company has not confirmed the official Release Date yet, the Surface Phone might debut in mid-2018. The handset could cost around $900-$1100. Microsoft fans have to wait a bit more for the phone. For more information on tech, stay tuned.