It looks like Apple is set to introduce a special “iPhone X” other than the highly anticipated iPhone 8 and 8 Plus this Tuesday as the company marks the tenth year of its iPhone line. There were several leaks about the hardware as well as its features, and everyone is calling the tenth-anniversary smartphone as iPhone X.

New changes to the physical design

As reported by the Express UK, the new premium iPhone is believed to show a new industrial design and feature-set. It is presumed to have a big OLED screen and will be capable of wireless charging.

The traditional Touch ID home button will also be removed. It will be replaced with facial recognition.

This facial recognition will be capable of scanning the user's face and unlock the smartphone. It is designed to work even if the phone is placed on top of a table. It is said to be more secure than the old Touch ID since its sensor can record more individual data points.

The lock button was rumored to be moved on the side. Instead of just turning the phone on, this button can also be used to trigger Siri, to start a special SOS mode to ring the police, and to open Apple Pay on your Watch.

iPhone X versus 8

According to rumors, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be released in larger quantities while the X version will be the special and hard-to-get smartphone.

As reported by CNET, this smartphone will be in short supply and will also be released a little later than the 8 series. It is also expected to come with the OS X Operating System.

New technology for the camera and screen

Same with their recent releases, Apple will focus on the camera of their new phones. It will include the new “Portrait Lighting.” This technology will change the lighting of portraits.

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The smartphone’s display will also have an upgrade. The display will have the “True Tone” technology, similar to what the iPad Pro has.

The “True Tone” technology uses sensors that detect what the light is like and how it reflects on the screen. It automatically adjusts the white of the screen. It improves the readability of the text by making the screen display cooler or warmer.

Release date and pricing

The prices for the new smartphones are still yet to be announce but people are expecting it to have a starting price of around $1,000. Apple is due to announce the newest additions to their smartphones on September 12. Other than the tenth anniversary iPhone, the company will also release updates for their new LTE Apple Watch Series 3 and an upgraded version of their TV.